Insomnia provokes diseases of the cardiovascular system in women

Sleep, lasting less than six hours, is the cause of heart disease. Scientists have found that women with chronic heart disease who have trouble sleeping or who wake up early in the morning are twice as likely to suffer from inflammatory processes in the body. The results of the study showed that poor sleep plays an important role in the increased level of inflammation and in the exacerbation of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Studies conducted by scientists from the University of California, established a relationship between sleep and changes in the level of inflammatory processes in 700 elderly people with heart disease. In a five-year study, it turned out that poor sleep, less than six hours a day, was associated with an increase in inflammatory processes in female patients, but not male patients. In women who reported a restless dream, inflammatory processes were twice as strong as in men.

Scientists have suggested that lower levels of estrogen after menopause may explain the connection between anxiety sleep and inflammatory processes. Men, according to scientists, are protected by high levels of testosterone. Scientists are confident that poor sleep can lead to complications of inflammatory processes and negative consequences.

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