Insomnia problem

This verse says that if a person’s state of consciousness rises, then he ceases to envy others, which means that he loses interest in hoarding. Look at the modern man, he collects not what he really needs, but what he saw from others. In fact, a person collects other people’s dreams, and if you dig even deeper, then a person collects what another person envied, we collect someone else’s envy. This whole world – This is the exchange point of envy. His life turns into a warehouse of what he envied. But this is a body of desires of the body, not of the desires of the soul. The body uses us to collect things that he liked. Therefore, while a person considers himself a body, the goal of all his actions is to satisfy his own feelings, which is expressed in hoarding. In fact, we do not need a material body, this body needs us, and even more so, we are not at all obliged to satisfy its frantic whims. A soul without a body can live forever, but a body without a soul cannot live even a second …

Yes, the body may continue to desire what it pleases, but this does not force us to immediately realize all its whims. Let yourself wish, and we have our own affairs, we must be indifferent to his activities. This is called wisdom. A wise person does not pay attention to everything that occurs in his mind. He is able to live his life, setting himself sublime plans. It is like a driver who is not distracted around. You never know what is happening there, his task is to carefully drive the car to the goal. The West is more materialistic in nature, so people can, seeing something off the road, just stop and stand, creating a traffic jam. And they are not even honored, realizing that the person has become interested and that he simply cannot go on.  

The body must be led through life, like a dog on a leash, yes, she sniffs at anything horrible, but the leash prevents her from fulfilling her dirty desires. How to develop such indifference in yourself? One must free oneself from the desire to enjoy the material body, as well as the desire to get rid of it. This level of consciousness is called transcendental. And in this verse there are signs of reaching this level. It is very important for an ordinary person to be respected, and certainly what hurts him, is to insult him. But a person at the transcendental level does not seek honor and respect, which means that he is not offended by a negative attitude towards him. He simply rises above this duality. He is able to go to his goal, and not be distracted by the road. Until the road is repaired, I won’t go anywhere … 

This is an amazing state of consciousness that is extremely rare. Such a person simply fulfills his material or spiritual duties, without thinking at all what others will say, praise him or smash him to pieces. It also doesn’t depend on everything else. He can use anything to achieve his spiritual goals, but he will never take anything superfluous. The materialist is never enough, he never stops, and the transcendentalist knows exactly how much he needs and will never take a dime more. In the old days, wise men before going to bed handed out everything that they had left: food, things and money. They knew how to give too much, realizing that tomorrow they would again be given everything that they really needed. This principle was called to enter the night as death. In a dream, we absolutely do not need anything, so such a person did not leave anything for the night. Maybe that’s why the problem of insomnia is so acute in the modern world? 

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