Insomnia Affects Family Relationships

According to studies conducted by scientists from a university in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the quality of the relationship between the spouses depends on how much the woman … slept. Many problems in spouses in relationships arise due to the fact that a woman cannot sleep normally, and therefore does not get enough sleep. Especially if such a situation arises often, for example, when a woman is caring for a baby and she is chronically short of sleep.

Such forced insomnia makes a woman nervous, incapable of compromise, tearful and capricious. A woman’s behavior can change dramatically if she is able to get the right amount of sleep. As these studies have shown, if a man does not get enough sleep, then the next day his bad mood does not affect his behavior and attitude towards his spouse or other people. In addition to the fact that the health of the woman herself is changing, the behavior of the spouse is also changing.

During the experiments, we observed 32 married couples whose members had no psychophysical abnormalities and had no sleep problems. For 10 days, they kept diaries in which the woman indicated whether they slept or not, and the men tried to determine the attitude of the wives to themselves. This observation showed a relationship between the number of hours a woman spent in a dream and her relationship to her husband. The less she slept. Her attitude became all the more negative. A similar dependence is observed in sexual terms. A woman responded to her husband’s caresses much more actively if she got enough sleep.

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