How to fall asleep quickly after a stressful day? Simple recipes for dealing with insomnia

Turned out to be a hard day ? There are days after which the state of the body is very nervous, the brain continues its activity, sorting through the events of the past day, and lamenting over the mistakes. Tomorrow will be no less difficult day and it is very necessary to sleep. But the body protests, and does not want to fall asleep. Well, if there is time to prepare the body for sleep, and if not? 

There are some simple recipes to help you sleep asleep. So, if it turned out to be a busy day, you can try one or several of the suggested ways to fall asleep quickly. It’s great if it turns out to slowly prepare the body for sleep: 

1. Walk on foot with a surprise . If the working day is not over too late, then there is the opportunity to take a walk before bedtime. In summer it is better to go to the pond, it’s cooler there. In autumn and spring – closer to the trees. In winter, no matter where you walk. Walk a considerable distance on foot to get tired enough. Then hurry home and make yourself a pleasant surprise: a drink for a sound sleep.  

In the cold season it will be mulled wine. At home, it is prepared simply: heat a little dry red wine with cinnamon, add cherry juice, honey and lemon. In the warm season, it is better to prepare a refreshing drink: water, honey, lemon, fresh mint. If you take a walk in the winter in the cold and drink some hot mulled wine, your dream will come instantly. Therefore, I advise you to drink mulled wine after taking a shower, and then immediately dive into bed. Instead of mulled wine, you can drink a cup of tea with herbs and honey. Tasty and healthy.  

2. Fragrant bath . Bath is one of the most popular relaxation methods. Everyone knows how you want to sleep after taking a hot bath. If you add a few drops of aromatic oils to the water, the relaxation effect will intensify. Use ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender oil. 

If you have time to take a walk and take a bath, you are a happy person! Be sure to use this. What to do when you have come home at 10-11 pm after a busy day: you are upset, worried, there is no time to walk, you should do a bath too, but you need to sleep. Familiar situation? If time is running out, the following recipes are for you.  

3. Relaxing meditation . This procedure is always useful to do before bedtime. Even if insomnia does not bother. It allows you to relieve tension and clamps in the muscles, restore the movement of energy throughout the body, forms a complete rest and energy for the next day. Those who are familiar with the technique of meditation and relaxation will find it easier to understand. If you are not familiar, it is best to listen to an audio meditation course to know how to relax. On the Internet you can find audio relaxation courses. I will dwell briefly on the main points. 

Place your body evenly, lying on your back, arms along the body. The position should be comfortable. Now start with a quick general relaxation of the body from above. Talk to yourself the basic tags of meditation: 

– my body relaxes, breathing slows down and becomes smooth, calm;
– the muscles of the body relax and release from the clamps;
– relaxes the muscles of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, legs, feet.

With every word, you should focus on relaxation at every point in the body. Preliminary quick relaxation is good to use so that all muscles have time to relax, because you can fall asleep before you finish the meditation. Then proceed to deep relaxation of each part of the body, concentrating on the sensations of heaviness and complete relaxation. If you have spent complete relaxation, but the brain continues to stay awake, there remains the last resort that personally always helps me.   

4. ” Count the elephants .” I want to offer a small “upgrade” to everyone who knows the option to consider mentally in order to fall asleep. A direct account did not help me. But the countdown quickly plunges into sleep. Our brain is used to counting in the direct order – from 1 to 100, it’s easy for him. Try counting the other way around – from 200 to 1. The brain very quickly gets tired of such an account and agrees to shut up and sleep.

In conclusion, I want to recommend eating a teaspoon of honey before bedtime if you are unable to make friends with drinks at night. Honey is the best and most useful sleeping pill. It will not quickly put to sleep, but it will very calm, and the dream will be sound and healthy.  

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