How to beat insomnia

Insomnia, especially if it has acquired a chronic course, must be fought. Insomnia not only does not allow a person to fall asleep normally, but sleep with it is abrupt and superficial, which does not allow the body to receive a full charge of energy.

Sleep problems can be caused by a number of factors – physical, emotional and environmental factors.

Comfortable conditions

So, it is important to prepare the room before going to bed. The room needs to be ventilated to provide it with the correct temperature (recommended 16-20 degrees) and sufficient oxygen. The bed should be comfortable and promote complete relaxation of the body. Going to bed, you need to turn off all light and sound stimuli, creating maximum darkness and silence. In absolute darkness, the sleep hormone is produced, which regulates falling asleep.


Healthy sleep is also influenced by what a person eats for dinner. First, the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you eat right before bed, your body will work to digest everything you eat. Overeating and an abundance of protein, fatty and spicy foods on the menu negatively affect the quality of falling asleep. But there are also foods that help you fall asleep easily: bananas, milk, lettuce, herbal teas. Secondly, before going to bed, it is better to limit yourself in caffeine and alcohol. But a cup of warm milk or herbal tea, on the contrary, will soothe and tune in the right mood.

Relaxation of the psyche

Usually, when going to bed, it is recommended not to think about anything, letting go of all disturbing thoughts. But in practice, this is very difficult to do, because the human brain remains active even in sleep, and some of its zones in sleep mode work even more actively than during wakefulness. It is necessary to provide the brain with a local load.

For example, reading light literature before bed will help you fall asleep more quickly. It is important not to miss the moment here. As soon as a person feels that he is ready to sleep, he should immediately postpone reading and go to bed.

Visualization helps in the fight against insomnia. The point is to visually represent the pleasant moments. You can, for example, visualize dreams as if they have already become reality.

The old way of counting sheep or elephants moderately loads both hemispheres of the brain, and the monotonous nature of the action provokes the body to sleep. You can imagine a swinging pendulum and count the number of times it moves from side to side.

Breathing exercises also help the body relax. You need to breathe deeply and slowly, focusing on how the belly rises and falls. Concentrating on breathing control helps the brain to free itself of extraneous thoughts.


For chronic and complex cases, when a person cannot cope with insomnia on their own, there are medications. You need to choose them only together with a doctor, so as not to harm yourself and not aggravate the situation.

Types of drugs:

  • herbal with the use of valerian, hawthorn, chamomile, hops and mint;
  • sleeping pills that affect the nervous system and promote the production of sleep hormones;
  • tranquilizers that suppress the nervous system and strong emotions are suitable in difficult stressful situations;
  • preparations containing melatonin, the main sleep hormone;
  • vitamins, since insomnia often occurs due to a lack of trace elements and vitamins of groups B and D in the body.

In addition to the above, healthy sleep is provided by moderate physical activity and water procedures. In general, it is important to follow your lifestyle. Sports, balanced nutrition, the ability to get out of stressful situations, as well as the absence of bad habits – all this guarantees a solution to problems with sleep.

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