Falling asleep correctly: poses for a sweet dream

What would not have been a discharge of rituals to sleep – a warm shower, a romantic movie, an interesting book – all of them end up taking a comfortable posture in your favorite bed. But is this the right posture? Will it help in the difficult struggle for the right to proper healthy sleep?           

Despite the fact that each sleeper is unique, we usually fall asleep in several standard positions. Most often – on the back, stomach or side.     

The belly position is too damaging to be used as a remedy for insomnia. To improve oxygen supply, we are forced to turn our heads to the side, taking an unnatural position. Such “curvature” of the body can harm the spine (in particular, its cervical spine ), impair the flow of blood to the brain. Agree, it is far from the last most important human organ. Statistics also claim that it is in this position that strokes most often occur at night, and this is no longer a trifle. The pose creates additional stress on the heart, makes it difficult for the lungs to open normally, and generally does not allow you to relax before bedtime. Moreover, a person is forced to constantly bury his nose in the pillow, which prevents free breathing. And women should be especially careful: contact of the skin of the face with bed linen leads to the early appearance of wrinkles. So this unhealthy practice should be stopped!                     

But there is also a drop of honey in a barrel of ointment: in case of problems with digestion, the position on the stomach is very useful. That is why babies are laid on their stomachs during colic . Yes and adults suffering from gassing, this situation will help.          

Sleeping on your back is not only comfortable, but also useful. This provision is not squeezing the internal organs, not lead to tension the bladder helps the gastrointestinal tract. Falling asleep in this way, a person is more likely to relax and have sweet dreams. Absolute freedom of breathing guarantees normal blood circulation and healthy skin tone in the morning. For what is on your face is not imprinted patterns favorite soft pillows.             

But if in your family circle you have long occupied the honorable first place among snorers, you should not lie on your back . In this case, the difficult fate of the family will only worsen.      

Falling asleep on your side is certainly nice. It is in this position that we feel the most free, uninhibited.   

This is a perfectly suitable posture for the normal course of physiological processes. To avoid unnecessary stress on the cardiovascular system, it is better to lie down on your right side. But this rule does not work for pregnant women. They need to be especially careful about how they sleep. During the period of bearing a child, the expectant mother is better off lying on her left side: this will ensure free access of oxygen to the fetus.          

Of course, such a rigid division of sleep postures is very conditional: we all choose for ourselves something in between, which is convenient for us. But still try to combine the familiar with the useful. And then a healthy sleep will not keep you waiting! 

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