Cold compresses dispel insomnia

Insomnia is a common ailment in people of all ages. Doctors from the United States were seriously concerned about the lack of sleep in the population, as this directly affects labor productivity. People who suffer from insomnia are less attentive to driving a car, more prone to conflict. Pittsburgh experts have suggested treating insomnia with a special plastic cap. It must be worn on the head before bedtime. This plastic cap cools the head, and a person gets rid of insomnia.

Biologists found out in what doses it is necessary to prescribe cooling of a separate part of the brain – the prefrontal part. This procedure must be performed before and during sleep. Previously, this problem was solved only by the medication method, but now an alternative treatment has been found. The technology has been developed over the past few years. As shown by primary studies, insomnia provokes a high metabolic rate in the brain of patients suffering from sleep disorders.

This hyperactivity of the prefrontal cortex can be reduced. To do this, it is necessary to cool this area of ​​the brain before bedtime, and continue to maintain a low temperature during sleep. Sometimes it will be enough to use a cap only in the phase of slow sleep. Then patients sleep longer than usual and get much better sleep. This study will be extremely useful for many groups of patients. According to statistics, about a third of the world’s population suffers from primary insomnia. Using a cooling procedure, you can stop the progression of the disease. 

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