Bimatoprost – a drug for the growth of eyelashes

Initially, the tool was used in order to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma, as stated in the instructions for use.

Then an active influence on the growth of eyelashes was noticed, which was successfully applied by many consumers to increase their volume for cosmetic purposes.

The main active element of the drug is buy bimatoprost online. This substance is of synthetic origin with the addition of an extract of sea corals.

Auxiliary components of the composition are such ingredients:

  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • sodium phosphate;
  • lemon acid;
  • sodium chloride;
  • hydrochloric acid;
  • distilled water.

The drug is produced in plastic bottles, contains 3 ml of solution. Included with it is attached sterile packaged applicator.

Bimatoprost eyelash growth in India is becoming popular in Russia. It is chosen by those who do not like the capacity, Botox and other salon procedures. Reviews on the network, photos before and after indicate that the drug really works. But is it safe to use? Who is prohibited and allowed Bimatoprost?

What is Bimatoprost, properties and features of the drug

According to the instructions, Bimatoprost is a remedy for the treatment of hypotrichosis of eyelashes and eyebrows (a condition where the hair is less than normal). But even with a successful cilium, girls dream to make them thicker, darker and longer. This is the power of Bimatoprost as well. is he   increases the number of hair follicles, and hence the eyelashes? Also prolongs the hair growth period. In other words, Bimatoprost stimulates the cilia to grow faster.

Bimatrop t – This is a synthetic substitute for prostaglandin – a biologically active substance that controls the physiological reactions of the body. They have the ability to enhance blood circulation, therefore, irritate the hair follicle. A few years ago, American ophthalmologists noticed acurious property of Bimatoprost to make eyelashes more magnificent. Prior to this, the drug was used as eye pressure drops. The peculiarity of the drug was immediately picked up by the cosmetic industry. Thus, Bimatoprost eyelashes appeared, which hundreds of women have already experienced and shared their feedback online.

Who is banned Bimatoprost, its side effects?

Like all medicines, Bimatoprost has a guide for use, which should be read carefully before using the drug. It is better to do this before you buy the tool. Many reviews indicate that some side effects occur after the drops:

  •                              watery eyes;
  •                              itches shell;
  •                              blush eyelids;
  •                              celebrated dryness eyes;
  •                              in some cases, conjunctivitis occurs;
  •                              pigmentation appears on the eyelids and iris;
  •                              getting worse eyesight;
  •                              going down pressure inside eyes;
  •                              formed vascular mesh on the eyelids.

If you experience these symptoms, it means that you belong to one of the categories for which drops are not recommended. Bimatoprost is contraindicated (in which case you should investigate   review of effective means to accelerate the growth of eyelashes):

  •                              during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  •                              with individual intolerance of one of the components;
  •                              those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy;
  •                              with conjunctivitis, injuries, infectious diseases of the eye.

Use allowed to contact lens wearers. Before use, they must be removed, put on no earlier than in 15-20 minutes. In order not to encounter a fake, Bimatoprost is better to buy on the official website. Poor medicines can cause side effects, even for those who have no contraindications.

Instructions for use

The desired effect – the growth of eyelashes. To achieve it, you need to carefully read the manual and follow all the recommendations.

Specified in the instruction’s rules:

  •                              Application is possible only after consulting a doctor.
  •                              Under the strict supervision of a physician, use with increased intraocular pressure.
  •                              Before use, thoroughly clean the skin from makeup.
  •                              A drop of Bimatoprost and placed on the side of the applicator towards the end (but not on the tip). The fixture is held horizontally.
  •                              Provides for the application of the drug on the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. The applicator gently holds from the inner corner of the eye to the temporal part.
  •                              Repeat the action on both eyes.
  •                              Do not apply to the lower eyelid. In case of droplets on other areas of the skin, blot them so as not to cause possible pigmentation.
  •                              Use once a day, mostly before bedtime.
  •                              Avoid getting into the eye, if it happened, do not flush the organ of vision, because Bimatoprost is an ophthalmic drug.
  •                              Sterile applicators are designed for single use.
  •                              Keep the bottle cap clean to prevent bacteria from falling into the droplets.
  •                              Remove contact lenses before application.
  •                              Store Bimatoprost at a temperature not lower than +2 and not higher than +25.
  •                              You can use any make-up, but do not forget to rinse before use.   fluid.
  •                              The effect of Bimatoprost and visible after a month and a half. To consolidate the results, apply 3-4 months. On full course enough one vial.

Feedback and opinions on the effect

Having decided to lengthen the eyelashes, women usually choose between salon and home sessions, weigh the pros and cons of different procedures and drugs. In such situations, it is advisable to read on the Internet reviews of doctors and women who have already experienced Bimatoprost on their eyelashes. After that you can purchase the tool. Here are a few reviews that will help determine.

Customer Reviews

“I will call this remedy a miracle. I never believed that it is possible to grow eyelashes longer than nature has given. I think that those who complain about the side effects of either using the drug incorrectly or buying a poor-quality tool, buying inexpensive fakes. I am very pleased with the result. My eyelashes have become incredibly beautiful.”

“Great tool! Before using it, I used various oils, but, alas, I did not achieve anything. Accidentally found out about Bimatoprost e and decided to try it. The bottle is small, but I had enough of it for almost 2 months. I received the first results by the end of the first month. My eyelashes are gorgeous, they look not worse than extended ones, but they are natural.”

“Bimatoprost – a wonderful tool. Eyelashes, indeed, grow. Both upper and lower. They began to bend upwards, their length and volume increased markedly. I want to constantly admire them. After applying the ink looks like a patch. I use the tool constantly for the second year. I recommend an effective drug.”

“Nature has cheated me with lush black cilia, so from a young age I have been experimenting with different compositions. At first, I bought lengthening mascaras, but there was no expected result. A few years, increased eyelashes, but the procedure is expensive and takes a long time. The last six months I use Bimatoprost th. I cannot believe that these are my eyelashes. The need for expensive brasmaths is no longer necessary, it is not necessary to spend hours in the cabin for building up. Ease of use is captivating, so after a while I will repeat the course and advise everyone.”


“I want to talk about the sad experience of using Bimatoprost. I wanted to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, and achieved chronic conjunctivitis. Later I read that the drug was banned during pregnancy. I used it in the early stages, when I did not know about my “interesting position”. Bottom line: after the cancellation of the drops, the eyes were watering and inflamed until the end of the child bearing. After birth, everything returned to normal, but lengthen lashes Bimatoprost no longer hesitate. “


“With age, my eyelashes have become less and lighter. It worries me a lot, so you want to feel attractive longer. Procedures in the capital’s salons I can not afford, and there is no time. At one of the sites I read that Bimatoprost accelerates the growth of eyelashes, makes them thicker and darker. She dared to buy and was very pleased – a minimum of money and effort. Fortunately, neither allergies, nor redness and irritation, which is often written in the reviews, I have not experienced. Now acquired a second bottle. It fits me perfectly in all respects.”

Maria Kravtsova

“Eyelashes are my scourge. If you do not paint, they are almost none. For a month my tube of mascara goes away, but it doesn’t help much either, because they are short and whitish. About Bimatoprost read on the Internet, immediately ordered. And lo and behold! After 2 months I did not recognize myself in the mirror. Not to say that the mascara completely refused, but my cilia are much thicker and longer, and most importantly – they are dark! After all, I am a natural blonde and they are completely invisible. Every evening I carefully put drops on my eyelids and I hope that in another two months the result will be fixed.”


“For the company with a friend bought Bimatoprost. Thoroughly smeared eyelids for 3 months. There were no side effects, but the effect was zero. I did not notice any particular density, neither darkening of the cilia, nor lengthening. Perhaps I’ll manage his mascara.


Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

With information about Bimatoprost is, you can summarize and highlight strengths and weaknesses. Lashes after Bimatoprost and become thicker, longer and darker, drops do not damage your eyes, if you have no contraindications, are not very sensitive to the ingredients. Easy to use allows you to use it at home. Bimatoprost is affordable. A bottle of funds (3 ml), which is enough for a full course, the official distributor costs 580 rubles, plus shipping.

If you are ready for a systematic use of the drug (every evening for 3-4 months), Bimatoprost is right for you and eyelash growth is ensured. Buy drops better on the official site, as on the Internet there are often fakes. In this case, rely on the effect of the funds do not have to.

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