Hypnosis against insomnia

Swiss researchers have found that hypnosis is able to win   insomnia   and improve sleep quality.  

Scientists have focused on studying the response of 70 healthy women. Women were chosen for the study, as they are more susceptible to hypnotic effects. Subjects were divided into three groups according to the degree of hypnability, and then they were offered to sleep for 90 minutes in the afternoon.  

Moreover, some women were given up to “a quiet hour” to listen for 13 minutes of recording, producing a hypnotic effect, while the control group listened to neutral conversations of people or the sounds of nature.  

As a result, women, especially those prone to hypnosis, could boast an increase in the slow sleep phase by 80%. This phase is characterized by the release of specific hormones. They promote cellular recovery and stimulate the immune system.  

Very important was the fact that hypnosis does not cause side effects, which is especially important for older people.  

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