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Usually people are mistaken when they associate the cause of their illness only with age. Your insomnia can be the result of two factors: your inheritance, which you cannot change, and your lifestyle, which you can change. As the song says: “Everything is in your hands.”

Let’s leave the deep problems with heredity for now, although, as studies show, this will not be for long. Scientists have already found methods to alter even hereditary DNA. So the treatment of insomnia, which your ancestors left you, is not far off (if they are not already being treated ?!)

Consider general rules that can help us sleep peacefully and live happily. Let’s read some useful tips that are simple and accessible for everyone:

Your bedroom is a temple

Do not enter the bedroom in a bad mood. Don’t go to bed with anxiety and resentment. Don’t litter your temple. Enter it with a pure soul and good thoughts. Relax, put aside gloomy thoughts and daily worries. Do not live according to the principle: “They take it that they don’t let you sleep.”

Fall asleep aesthetically

Remember, as a child, your mother sang songs for the night or your parents put on music, and you quickly fell asleep. Why not renew the children’s tradition? Put on some music, not necessarily Mozart. Just pleasant, quiet, beloved. For those who are especially passionate or passionate, we suggest purchasing a metronome. Yes, yes, you are not wrong with the metronome. Under a monotonous knock, which can also be successfully slept. If you have a TV in the bedroom, you can set yourself a channel that shows fish in the water all the time, experts say that they are great at dampening excitement.

Best friend against insomnia

Make yourself a friend. Four-legged. The dog is the best friend. He will never betray, gives only positive emotions. And how he greets us after a long hard day’s work! The dog can also serve as a good reason to push you out on daily evening walks that you yourself are unlikely to do on your own. While walking, you can talk to your friend. After all, you can hardly find such a grateful and attentive listener anywhere else.

Bitter work, but sweet dream

We do not advise you to overexert yourself at work. But still there is a need for people suffering from insomnia to engage in active physical labor. Moderate physical activity can promote good, dream-free sleep. Have noticed how well you sleep in the summer at the dacha, but you are plowed up. We dug up the whole mother-in-law’s garden!

Gluttony is a fierce enemy of peace

A basic rule for those who wish to sleep soundly. Eats sweet, sleeps so badly. Don’t overeat! Especially for the coming sleep. Plentiful and fatty food does not contribute to rapid falling asleep and sound sleep. Make dinner with vegetables and fruits. Oranges especially help sound sleep.

Water is not only life, but also a sound sleep

Take a bath before bed. It also improves your overall well-being and lifts your mood. Take a tasteful bath. With the addition of aromatic oils, sea salt. Place fresh flowers in the bathroom and light candles. And do not forget to turn off the main light at the same time.

Force of habit is second nature

Our body is also a machine, only biological. Train her to be in order. Go to bed at the same time. Soon you yourself will notice that the organism itself pulls you to the side. Say, let’s go, dear, it’s time to sleep.

Boredom is also a way out

Try to get bored. Find a dusty book in your apartment or turn on a program about quantum mechanics. Although this advice is for the especially selfless. Isn’t it better to replace boredom with sex. Good, reliable sex.

Caution! Sex!

Of course, this advice is the most enjoyable. But experts say that sex helps only men to fight insomnia. So women should think deeply about this advice. Should you be so disinterested, or rather disinterested? If “Yes!”, Passionate sex and restful sleep!

The warmth lulls

We recommend warmth to those who do not want sex. Try diving under a warm blanket after the cold. The heat of the bones does not ache, but relaxes and gives a feeling of bliss.

Liquid, not water, white, not snow

Right! Milk, which is given to children at night. Why did you stop drinking it? Milk promotes relaxation and pleasant sleep. Remember, it must be warm. You can capture one cookie . Gusto!

And lie down on the side

Experts recommend falling asleep on your right side with your knees slightly bent. This position is considered to be the most suitable for sleeping. The same science claims that this position is optimal for snorers. They snore less or quieter. If, nevertheless, such a position is difficult for you, sleep as you are accustomed to. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. Contrary to the assertions of science (you have not read this!).

Throw away the anxieties of “I will not fall asleep”

Remember, it is not insomnia that keeps you awake, but your thoughts about it. Try to think at least once not about falling asleep at night, but about waking up in the morning.

And this is a rule for those who do not like the number 13.

A Russian proverb says: “Lie down with the chickens, get up with the roosters.” Better than the people, no one has yet said.

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