Treatment of insomnia with medicines and folk remedies

Insomnia - later falling asleep, early awakening, interruption of night sleep, a decrease in its depth. Insomnia is one of the manifestations of neurosis.

Manifestations of insomnia

Insomnia is found in the total or partial absence of sleep. Insomnia can also occur in healthy people with overwork or mental agitation. If insomnia is caused by a serious illness, you should consult a doctor to eliminate the cause of sleep disturbance. If the difficulties with sleep are associated simply with nervous excitement, you can use the means of folk and non-traditional medicine.

Most often, insomnia manifests itself in the fact that a person can not sleep for a long time or wakes up much earlier than usual, and sleep is interrupted several times during the night for a long time; in other cases, sleep can be prolonged, but not deep enough.

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Causes of insomnia

Sleep is necessary for people to restore their strength and relax after spending the day's work and worries. However, not everyone can boast of a sound healthy sleep. Currently, insomnia is one of the most acute medical problems that doctors around the world are working on. The matter is complicated by the fact that there is no single universal medicine that would help all people, as there is no single cause leading to insomnia. The strained rhythm of life, constant nervous stress, inferior rest - all this leads to disturbances in the person's psychophysical state, to chronic fatigue.

In people with increased nervous excitability, sleep disturbance is initiated even by the most insignificant causes. Insomnia can be long, debilitating, when superficial sleep is accompanied by bright dreams, sometimes nightmares. It can also be caused by various diseases of a general nature, accompanied by a disorder of the circulation or nervous system, attacks of cough, dyspnea, etc.

Especially often people with insomnia suffer all the time engaged in mental work. Many of them irrationally expend forces, overextended. Among them, many fans artificially invigorate themselves with strong tea and coffee. But this relieves fatigue only for a while, fatigue is not removed and continues to grow. In order not to experience nervous insomnia, we must avoid in the evenings intense mental work and activities that excite the nervous system.

Sleep and headaches

Headache is usually referred to as a painful or simply unpleasant sensation arising upward from the eyebrows and to the cervico-occipital region.

Headaches are one of the most frequent complaints that are addressed to a doctor. 85% of the population periodically experience headaches, while 20-30% report a decrease in social and labor activity and require qualified treatment. Determining the cause of such pains is sometimes a very difficult task, and the success of the treatment depends on the decision of this issue.

Among the factors of development of headache, the role of sleep, which can be of a two-fold nature, is often discussed. So, on the one hand, with migraine, sleep insufficiency (rarely redundancy) is a classic provoking factor, on the other - the offensive of sleep in a significant part of cases serves as a marker for the end of migraine attack. It is known that patients with headache are dissatisfied with their sleep in 30-60% of cases, and, according to objective data, low quality of sleep is even more common and reaches 90%. Consequently, drugs that have a regulatory effect on sleep can be included in the treatment regimens of headache.

How to treat insomnia

Home remedies for the treatment of insomnia in healthy, but excitable people are reduced, first of all, to observe proper sleep and uncomplicated procedures soothing bedtime. With prolonged insomnia, along with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, it is necessary to regularly take some simple natural remedies for a certain period of time.

To prevent the occurrence of insomnia, you should lie down and get up at the same time, observing the biological rhythm that is natural for the body. It is best to go to bed early and get up early.

If you have only a short period of insomnia, such as stress, changes in diet and the use of dietary supplements can help restore normal sleep.

Correctly composed diet will gradually bring to normal your weight and fat content in the body; as a result, you can sleep better.

Especially often, elderly people and those engaged in mental work suffer from insomnia. Most of them, to constantly be in good shape, drink strong tea or coffee in large quantities. It's not enough to say that this is bad for the body. Weakened by lack of sleep, the body can no longer fight alone, even with minor disabilities. People suffering from sleep disorders become inattentive, distracted, irritable; Over time, they can develop such diseases as hypertension, obesity and even diabetes.

Nevertheless, insomnia can and should be treated. For this purpose, use both medical chemicals, prescribed by doctors, and natural. The latter are more popular. This is due to the fact that alternative medicine offers tools that have a milder effect, with fewer side effects, and most of them can be used by persons suffering from any other diseases. It should be said that a properly formulated medicinal dose can relieve not only of insomnia, but also of concomitant illness.

  • Do not go to bed and do not try to sleep if you do not want to sleep. Try not to sleep during the day, even when you want. Do not go to bed too early. Observe the diet. Do not eat before bed, after 18:00 do not drink toning drinks (hot chocolate, coffee, tea). Try to exercise 2-3 times a week and exercise every day in the mornings or during the day gymnastics, avoid heavy loads before going to sleep. Relaxing hiking or cycling before going to bed.
  • Do not go to sleep in irritation. Try to relax for the night - for this are good water procedures, light massage, meditation, an interesting (but not exciting) book.
  • Establish rules for preparing for bed and follow them. Teach yourself to go to bed at the same time. If you can not fall asleep, read a little or listen to soft music. Create in the bedroom a comfortable environment: before going to bed, ventilate the room, eliminate foreign sounds, if they disturb you, if the air in the bedroom is too dry - put a humidifier in it.
  • Do not take alcohol as a hypnotic, although many can recommend it in small doses. Indeed, in some cases alcohol contributes to better sleep, but this is an apparent improvement: sleep becomes shallow (superficial), fragmented, often short, alcohol can also cause morning headaches, weakness, decreased performance during the day, which in turn , exacerbates insomnia.
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OTC medicines for insomnia

Therapy for insomnia should begin with the application of relaxation techniques and psychotherapy. In parallel prescribe non-prescription drugs:

  • Tincture of valerian - the drug belongs to a group of sedatives and hypnotics, it is used for irritability, increased emotional excitability and disturbances of falling asleep. The effect develops slowly, so tincture is prescribed for 20-30 drops 3-4 times a day until stable results are achieved.
  • Tincture of herb Leonurus - is prescribed for mild forms of irritability and sleep disturbances of 30-50 drops 3-4 times a day.
  • Pills Valerian Fort - one tablet contains 40 mg of a thick extract of valerian. The drug is prescribed for sleep disorders caused by overexcitation, 1-2 table. three times a day.
  • Collection sedative number 2 - it includes medicinal raw material motherwort, hops, mint, valerian, licorice. Applied with a combination of increased emotional excitability, sleep disorders and the initial stage of hypertension. The form of release - filter packets; one packet pour 100 ml of boiling water and insist half an hour, after cooling, the infusion is drunk to 100 ml in the morning and in the evening 30 minutes before eating.
  • Persen Night, capsules - the composition includes extracts of rhizomes of valerian, mint leaves and lemon balm. The drug is effective for difficulties with falling asleep, caused by increased nervous excitability. Take 1-2 capsules at night (one hour before sleep).
  • Dormiplant-valerian - one tablet contains 500 mg of dry extract of rhizomes of valerian. The drug is prescribed for violations of falling asleep and frequent nocturnal awakenings for one tablet 30-60 minutes before bedtime.
  • Passion flower extract - is prescribed internally for 20-40 drops three times a day with irritability, increased excitability and related insomnia.
  • Doppelterts Melissa - drops with a combination of vegetative composition, with sleep disorders they drink 2 tsp, diluted in 20 ml of water, before going to bed.
  • Melaxen, tablets - the composition includes melatonin - an analogue of the hormone, which in the human body regulates the cycle "sleep-wakefulness." Melaxen accelerates falling asleep, provides a long sleep without nocturnal awakenings, does not cause a feeling of fatigue and weakness after sleep. Melatonin preparations are prescribed for adaptation of the organism when changing time zones during travel. Assign 1 tablet (3 mg) 40 minutes before bedtime. Analogues: Melarena, Melaritm.

Prescription drugs for insomnia

For more serious sleep disorders, prescription medications are prescribed:

  • With periodic sleep disorders: doxylamine (Donormil, Rellip, Valocordin-Doxylamine).
  • Sometimes prescribe diphenhydramine in tablets, but since dimedrol is an antiallergic drug, and hypnotic activity refers to its side effects, the use of the drug for the treatment of insomnia is limited.
  • With difficulty falling asleep (presumptic insomnia) - zaleplon (Andante), nosepam, nitrazepam, zopiclone (Somnol, Relaxon, Imovan), zolpidem (Zolsana, Ivadal, Snovitel), phenobarbital.
  • With frequent awakenings (intrasomnicheskoy insomnia) - zolpidem, phenobarbital.
  • At night awakenings with nightmarish dreams - thioridazine (Sonapax, Chiodazine), clozapine (Azaleptin, Klozasten), levomepromazine (Tizerzin).
  • With early awakenings, painful for the patient, (postmodern insomnia) - nitrazepam, flunitrazepam in combination with drugs that improve the blood circulation of the brain: Bilobil, Cavinton.
  • In sleep disorders associated with depression: amitriptyline, trazodone (Trittico).

Older patients are prescribed sleeping pills in a half dose. When treating elderly people, it must be remembered that a sleep disorder at this age may be caused by chronic illnesses or by taking medications. Quite often, not passing insomnia - a symptom of mental disorder, so treatment of insomnia requires a correction in a psychiatrist.

Sleeping pills do not appoint people whose profession requires increased attention (drivers, pilots, builders); The treatment of such patients should be subject to temporary suspension from work.

It is not recommended to take any sleeping pills during pregnancy; sleep disorders in pregnant women require compulsory consultation with a doctor.

Drugs for the treatment of insomnia can not be taken for a long time, since many of them cause serious side effects. Therefore, you need to look for the cause of insomnia, if possible, use non-medicament methods for its treatment.

Treatment of insomnia with folk remedies

Honey is the best remedy for insomnia

There is no more effective sleeping pill than honey, and at the same time it is absolutely harmless. You can also visit the steam bath and use the oak broom - it calms the nervous system.

  • Borjomi, honey, lemon. 1 tbsp. spoon "Borjomi", 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey and 0.5 tbsp. Spoon a finely chopped lemon to mix and take in the morning for a month.
  • Lemon, honey, walnut. Take 1 glass of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons. spoons of buckwheat honey and walnuts. Honey and lemon juice mixed until homogeneous, add the crushed nut. Take 1 tbsp. spoon before bedtime.
  • Honey with water. Stir 1 tablespoon. a spoonful of honey in 1 glass of warm water and drink overnight. Before going to bed lubricate with lavender oil whiskey or drip 3-5 drops of lavender oil on a piece of sugar, suck before bed.
  • Honey with yogurt. 1 tbsp. Spoon the honey dissolve in 1 cup kefir, drink before going to bed for a week. Take in the morning and evening for 30-50 grams of honey with the addition of 1 teaspoon of royal jelly.
  • Bran with honey. 1 glass of bran soak in a 0.5 glass of water, add 0.5 cups of liquid honey. Take 2 tbsp. spoons before bedtime. Course - two months.
  • Horseradish or mustard plasters and honey with brine. If insomnia is caused by the flow of blood to the head, it is very useful to put mustard or rubbed horseradish to the calves of the legs. At the same time, it is recommended to drink cucumber brine with honey, which is also very weak (1 tablespoon of honey per glass of cucumber brine).
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey. 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, stir in a cup of honey. Taking 2 teaspoons of this mixture before bedtime, you will fall asleep in half an hour after you go to bed. With severe fatigue and weakness in the middle of the night, you can repeat this sleeping pill. Honey has a good tonic and soothing effect, and in combination with apple cider vinegar it is even more effective for insomnia.

Fees for insomnia

  • Mix peppermint leaf - 30 g, motherwort herb - 30 g, valerian rhizome - 20 g, hop cones ordinary - 20 g. Mark 10 g of the mixture, pour cup of boiling water, heated in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, cool, strain and bring boiled water the amount of infusion to the original volume. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day with nervous excitement and insomnia.
  • Mix 20 g of peppermint, triple leaf watch, valerian (rhizome), hop cones. A tablespoon of the collection pour for 200 minutes 200 ml of boiling water, drink 100 ml 3 times - in the morning, in the afternoon, at night.
  • Mix 10 grams of valerian rhizomes, motherwort, hawthorn, peppermint, mistletoe white. 1 tablespoon to insist 30 minutes in 200 ml of boiling water, drink 1 glass in the morning and at night.
  • Combine 10 grams of oregano and 5 grams of valerian root. 10 grams of collection boil 10-12 minutes in 100 ml of water. Insist 1 hour. Drink 100 ml at night.
  • Mix 5 grams of motherwort, thyme, calendula flowers. 10 g of collection boil 10-15 minutes in 200 ml of water, leave for 1 hour. Drink 100 ml with honey before going to bed.
  • The flowers of camomile, peppermint leaves, fennel fruit, valerian rhizomes, fruits caraway mix evenly. 10 g of the mixture pour cup of boiling water, heated in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes, 10 minutes, cool, filter, and to press the raw material to bring the number up to the original volume of broth with boiled water. Take in the morning 1-2 glasses, in the evening on a glass.
  • Collect the leaves of peppermint, the flowers of lavender present - 2 parts; flowers of chamomile pharmacy, rhizome with roots of valerian officinalis - 3 parts each. Two tablespoons of the mixture to insist in a glass of boiling water for 15 minutes. Drink a sip for a day with insomnia.
  • Grass veronica drug, herb scented violets, lavender flowers of this fruit of Berberis vulgaris and Melissa officinalis leaves mix evenly. A tablespoon of mixture pour a glass of boiling water and insist until it cools. Take 1-2 glasses of this evening.
  • Hatching of common hops, leaves of peppermint - for 1 part; Lemon balm leaves, chamomile flowers, buckthorn bark brittle, rhizome with the roots of valerian drug - 2 parts. Prepare a decoction from the calculation: a tablespoon of collection per glass of water. Take 1-2 glasses at night.
  • Mix the grass of the motherwort of the five-lobed, the grass of the mossweed - 3 parts, the heather grass of the common - 4 parts, the rhizome with the roots of the valerian officinalis - 1 part. 4 tbsp. l. mix 10-12 hours in 1 liter of boiling water in a warm place and strain. All the infusion is sipped during the day every hour. Recommended for insomnia, timidity, irritability.

Herbs for the treatment of insomnia

  • Hawthorn blood red. 2 tablespoons of dry finely chopped fruit pour 1.5 cups of boiling water. Drink in 3 divided doses 30 minutes before meals. Take with insomnia, especially people with a sick heart.
  • The elder is red. 1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed root to brew 1 cup of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, insist for half an hour, strain. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day. Helps with insomnia and shortness of breath.
  • Valerian.
    1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed roots of valerian pour a glass of hot water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, insist 10 minutes and filter. Take 1 tablespoon of Zraz's decoction per day.
    1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed root of Valerian officinalis pour 1 cup of cold boiled water and infuse for 7-8 hours. Ready to infuse the infusion. Take 1 tbsp. spoon, children - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day and at bedtime. With increased nervous excitability, the dose can be increased to 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day.
    A tablespoon of chopped root pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, insist 10 minutes, drain. Take 1 tablespoon, children - 1 teaspoon three times a day.
    2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed Valerian root medicinal pour 1 cup of vodka and insist 2 weeks in a dark cool place. Ready tincture to drain. Take 15-20 drops 2-3 times a day. You can use alcoholic tincture of valerian (valerian drops), which you can buy at the pharmacy.
  • Oregano common.
    2 teaspoons of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals in a warm form.
    Prepare a strong broth of oregano and wash their head.
  • Angelica descending (bearish bundle). 1 tsp rhizome and root pour 1 cup boiling water, insist. Take 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day.
  • Saint John's wort. 3 tablespoons of herbs pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Take 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals.
  • Kiprei (willow-tea).
    15 g of dry ground grass, pour a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes, insist 1 hour. Take a tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals.
    2 tbsp. Spoon the herb of the leaven-grass (Ivan-tea) with 2 cups of boiling water and insist in the thermos for 6 hours. Drink in equal portions 3-4 times a day.
  • Hemp (seeds). 2 tbsp. spoons of cannabis seeds finely crushed, sifted. Pour 1 cup of hot boiled water. Insist, wrapped, 30-40 minutes. Drink two meals before bed: first drink half a glass two hours before bedtime. Then, after an hour, drink the remainder along with the precipitate. To drink necessarily warm. Take two weeks. It is used for periodic insomnia.
  • Lavender is real. 1 tbsp. Spoon the flowers with 1.5 cups of hot water and leave for 10-15 minutes. Ready to infuse the infusion. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day after meals.
  • Bow, used before bedtime, promotes a good sound sleep.


  • Take a warm bath. The water temperature in the bath should not be above 37-38 °C. Take a bath either before meals, or 1.5-2 hours after eating. The residence time in the bath should not exceed 20-25 minutes. It is better if the water does not close the heart area. Do not take a bath every day.
  • A sitting bath for 2-4 minutes before going to bed, according to the healers, will create a good premise for a quiet sleep.
  • Pour boiling water and insist one hour in a 3-liter bowl of 100-200 g of fragrant hay from a herbage. Using this infusion, take a warm bath for 15 minutes.

Treatment of insomnia with vegetoneurozami

  • Hawthorn blood red.
    1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried fruits brew 1 cup of boiling water, insist 2 hours in a warm place (in the oven, on the stove), drain. Infusion take 1-2 tablespoons. spoons 3-4 times a day before meals with hypertension, vegetoneurozah, dizziness, choking, menopause.
    Take an equal number of fruits and flowers, mix well. 3 tbsp. Spoon the mixture with 3 cups of boiling water, insist 2 hours in a warm place, strain. Infusion take 1 glass three times a day for 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after eating with heart disease, choking, dizziness, at the beginning of the menopause until the signs of the disease disappear and restore well-being.
    10 g of dried fruit infuse 10 days in 100 g of vodka or 40 ° alcohol, filter. Tincture take 30 drops with water three times a day before meals.
    10 g of flowers infuse for 10 days in 100 ml of vodka or 40 ° alcohol, filter. Tincture take 20-25 drops 3 times daily before meals.

Treatment of insomnia caused by headaches

  • Mint, oregano, and spray. Peppermint - 1 part, oregano - 1 part, spraying - 1 part. 1 tbsp. Spoon the mixture into 500 ml of boiling water insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Take 0.5-1 cup for headaches.
  • Melissa. 15 grams of herbs per 1 cup of boiling water. Insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Take 1-2 tbsp. spoons 5-6 times a day. It is used for pain in the heart, palpitations, insomnia, colic in the abdomen, swelling of the intestine, renal colic, dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, anemia, painful periods and as a means of calming the nervous system.
  • Oregano (grass). 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry grass for 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Take 0.5-2 cup 2-3 times a day with a headache. Pregnant women should not be used!
  • Green tea or cinnamon. Make good tea leaves from green or black tea, add a pinch of mint to it. To drink 1 glass of tea. After 15-20 minutes, there is a headache.
  • Valerian is a medicinal. Apply in the form of infusions and broths. The effectiveness of valerian is higher for systematic and long-term use. Infusion: 1 tbsp. Spoon a crushed root pour 1 glass of cold water, insist 6-8 hours, drain. Take 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day.
    Broth: 1 tbsp. Spoon a crushed root pour 1 cup boiling water, boil for 15 minutes in a water bath, insist 10 minutes, drain. Take 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day.
  • Siberian auburn (flowers). 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried flowers brew 1 cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, drain. Take 1/4 cup (preferably with honey) 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before meals.
  • He was tall. Infusion of the root is used 4 times a day for 1/4 cup for 30 minutes before meals. 1 tsp chopped root pour 1 glass of water, leave for 10 hours, drain.
  • Saint John's wort. 1 tbsp. Spoon the herbs pour 1 cup boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, drain. Drink 1/4 cup three times a day.
  • Clover meadow. 1 tbsp. spoon flowers brew 1 cup of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, drain. Drink 0.5 cup three times a day.

Soothing means

  • Fees.
    Peppermint (leaves) - 2 parts, triple leaf watch (leaves) - 2 parts, valerian (root) - 1 part, hops (cones) - 1 part. 2 tbsp. Spoon mixture pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Take 1/2 cup twice a day, in the morning and at night. It is used for increased nervous irritability and insomnia.
    Valeriana (roots) - 2 parts, chamomile pharmacy - 3 parts, caraway seeds (fruits) - 5 parts. Cooking and eating, as in prescription number 1.
    Motherwort (grass) - 15 g, cotton grass (grass) 15 g, hawthorn (flowers) - 15 g, chamomile pharmacy - 5 g. 1 tbsp. Spoon mixture pour 1 cup of boiling water, insist, wrapped, 8 hours, drain. Take 0.5 cup 3 times a day, one hour after a meal. It is used for nervous disorders, cardiac weakness in combination with suffocation and dizziness.
  • Hawthorn (tincture), valerian (tincture). Mix both tinctures in equal quantities. Take 30 drops on the water before bedtime. It is used as a sedative, with nervous disorders, with insomnia, which strengthens the heart.

Non-medicinal methods of treating insomnia

Encephalophonie ("music of the brain")

Listening to the patient of music (on various carriers), obtained by transforming his electroencephalogram into music by means of special methods of computer processing on the basis of a number of special algorithms, which contributes to a change in the functional state of a healthy or sick person.

The effectiveness of encephalophony in patients with insomnia is about 80%.


This method of treatment is based on modern ideas about the influence of bright light on the neurotransmitter system of the brain and allows you to control the circadian rhythms through the eye system, the hypothalamus and the epiphysis.


A common way to treat many diseases. The role of psychotherapy in the treatment of insomnia is to correct existing psychopathological symptoms and syndromes. Particular attention should be paid to reducing anxiety (as the most common symptom associated with sleep disorders and an important pathogenetic factor in increasing the level of cerebral activation).

Diet for insomnia

A low-salt diet should be prescribed, since salt interferes with the onset of sleep. Balanced rational nutrition will have a positive effect on the treatment of insomnia. Such a diet should exclude products from white flour, sugar, tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, fatty and fried foods, spices. It is good to develop a habit of calmness and dimensionality in food.