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Zopiclone 7.5mg
Active ingredient: Zimovane

Description: Zimovane, or Dopareel, or Imovane are recognizable names of Zopiclone. It’s a sedative in the non-benzodiazepine group having also hypnotic action; mainly in use for insomnia treatment. Tablet form of Zopiclone is mostly known as a recreational drug which, of course, is not just a medical use. This is other side of this drug as it leads to “high” pleasant feelings. “Z drug” is a frequent name of the drug. As a matter of fact, negative symptoms may also occur that may include a drowsy state, or dysfunction of some motor skills. These and other side effects resulted in fatal accidents all over the world. In addition, people taking the drug develop a fast addiction to it. It may take even a few weeks. That is why, Zopiclone is strictly controlled in the United Kingdom, and may be used only by doctor’s prescription. However, a black market provides it without any problems. Thousands of pills are traded off within a month.


It is good to live in the world with modern technologies and in the world with accessible information. It makes our lives easier, more comfortable, safer, and healthier. There are so many things that have been changed a lot within all these years: internet, cars, chemical compounds, technologies, and so on. Due to all these improvements, human being may live long (even 100 years).

Moreover, the human body has adjusted its systems for the fast pace of life, and developed its immune system that has managed to resist different diseases. Due to available information and knowledge that has been acquired within centuries, we may now treat diseases that have not been treated 70 years ago.

What would you do if you have a high temperature? We may assume your answer: you would take a pill to lower the body temperature. Right? Of course, this is the first thing that come to our mind as we now all know that a pill is able to influence on certain chemical compounds and cells in our body, so that the body temperature would drop.

And would you be able to look for certain herbs or plants to prepare some tea or panacea to lower the body temperature? Well, now nobody would go to a forest for some medicines. And it may take too much time for a search and preparation. This is a crude example of a great development in this industry.

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The pharmaceutical industry is still growing and developing. There are still diseases and health conditions that cannot be fully treated (it is possible just to ease the symptoms, or postpone the destructive action on the body). Scientists still exploring and investigating new ways of treatment of one or another disease as new bacteria develop and new discoveries happen.

Well-Tried Methods

As the practice shows, some of the known methods and medications still do their job and help people to recover and restore their energy. For instance, antibiotics play an important role in the medicine, as it helps to avoid serious consequences for the human body. However, only a doctor is able to correctly prescribe the needed medication for certain disease. Any self-treatment may bring even more serious diseases.

Some psychoactive agents are still widely used and they may be even better than the newly discovered substances. Some chemical compounds can change the functions of the nervous system, and it will lead to the improvement of the mood, or change of the perception of the reality, or a behavior change. We are considering good qualities of these substances (we are not going to cover illegal drugs).

There are so many categories, groups, classifications of substances, and each of them has their own role, their own purpose. The most important is to know an exact diagnosis and properly follow all medical recommendations.

One of these groups (as we dare to say it) nonbenzodiazepines. They have a sedative action to our nervous system, so that it helps to improve the quality of the sleep. Nonbenzodiazepine agents are widely used in the psychotherapy, and another use of them is treatment of anxiety.

We are not going to describe all existed substances and agents known in this group. We would like to pay attention to one that helps to defeat insomnia. One of them is Zopiclone, a medicine that has been proved by time and helped many people to overcome sleeping problems.

Cylindrically shaped pill of white color (or cream color) is able to fully absorbed in the body. The active substances of Zopiclone may be quickly activated after the complete dissolution. The action of this sedative agent happens due to the high binding of the GABA receptors. Its action is considered fast, but soft, without any serious side effects.

Sleeping Problems

Of course, only a medical specialist is able to properly examine the body, analyze the symptoms and obtained test results, in order to make a right diagnosis. As you may know, some diseases do not have bright symptoms, or the symptoms are not quickly manifested. Some course of the diseases may be hidden, and it takes time so that a person may really complain of a bad health.

Some diseases may occur all of a sudden and last for a day, and then it may be gone, and a person will not even remember about this negative symptom (for instance, a headache). Sleeping problems may also be temporal, and do not last long. As there is no identical bodies, each body will react differently to the same symptom.

So let’s figure out when a sleeping problem needs Zopiclone administration. In case of having a bad night that may be caused by some stress or other negative things happened within a day, a person would be tired and irritated the next day. A good sleep does not make people anger. And a good sleep does not affect the central nervous system.

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So when the irritating factor has been eliminated, and this person has solved all issues that caused that bad night, this person will have a good sleep in a couple of days. In this case, no need to take Zopiclone. As you may figure out, this sleeping problem is temporal, and does not last long. This condition usually resolves on its own.

However, if this happens two or three times per week, it is not good. Moreover, if this lasts for several months, it may be a sign of insomnia. In this case, Zopiclone would be helpful.

Here are the signs of the disturbed sleeping:

  • Not able to fall asleep within 30 minutes
  • Awakening in the middle of the night and it may be 4-5 times a night
  • Sleep lasts for 4 hours
  • Fatigue, irritation, exhaustion the next day after sleeping
  • Sleep disorder lasts for more than a month

Of course, there are other symptoms happening during the long-term sleep disorder, but these are the main. If the sleep disorder is temporal, most symptoms will be gone in several days. It all depends on the human body: immune system, ability to handle stress, age, chronic diseases, and others. Some conditions may have a negative effect on the central nervous system, so that sleep disorder may be a side effect of this disease.

In case of experiencing all these symptoms, insomnia may develop. When a doctor finds insomnia, Zopiclone is often prescribed. This is a drug of the new generation in the group of psychotropic agents. The main action Zopiclone is able to provide is sedative. Due to this, sleep quickly occurs. The most important thing that this drug has a soft action which does not shorten the period of the short sleep.

After the use of Zopiclone, its effective action supports the sleep “mode”, and a patient does not feel sleepiness and is not tired the next day. This is a peculiarity of Zopiclone, as other sedative products cannot boast such moderate effect. Of course, to achieve the best result in the treatment, it is essential to follow all medical recommendations.

Proper Administration

Positive thinking is 80% of the successful treatment. As you may know, our mind is able to control and change feelings, our reactions and emotions. It is very important to stay calm and optimistic during any therapy.

Moreover, it is possible to give a proper support to the body in order to overcome negative symptoms and lack of energy. As we are talking about insomnia and all sleeping problems, it is good to change a common way of living. For instance, some physical exercises may both strengthen and relax the body. It would be great, if physical exercises are done on a regular basis.

Taking Zopiclone it is good to follow instructions indicated by a physician. Also, pay attention to the leaflet that is enclosed in the package of the drug. There are main recommendations on how to take Zopiclone, possible side effects are also mentioned there.

The recommended dose of Zopiclone is 7,5 mg for an adult person. This exact dose should be taken right before going to bed (1-2 hours before sleeping). As Zopiclone has a rather fast and soft action, make sure to lay down, make yourself comfortable, and fall asleep.

Note: do not take the pills if you are not going to bed! Do not take Zopiclone while driving!

There are cases when 7,5 mg is not enough, so that 2 pills may be taken. But do not increase the dose. Make sure to see a doctor first. Some sleep disorders may be severe, or caused by certain diseases, so that the dosage may be increased.

Elder people (over 65 years old) should take 3,75 mg. It is necessary to make sure that suggested dosage is effective and does not lead to side effects. If so, the dose escalation may be discussed with a doctor.

Any dosage should be taken with water. Clear water should be especially taken during the treatment. It helps to improve digestion, meaning that all active ingredients of Zopiclone could be well tolerated and absorbed. Drinking water supports our body, and also helps to restore the energy. It is essential to take the medicine with noncarbonated water (tea, milk, or juice is not accepted. However, there are medical products that may be taken with milk, or juice. This information is indicated in the leaflet).

In most cases, Zopiclone is well tolerated. According to the medical researches, allergy and faintness were seldom met during the use of Zopiclone. And the most common side effect was metallic taste in the mouth. In any case, the effect of Zopiclone should be controlled and regulated by means of the correct dosage regimen.

Reasons of Sleep Disorders

As the diagnosis is found by the doctor and the proper therapy has been started, it is also important to find out a reason of the sleep disorders. The symptoms may be cured, and they may be gone, but if the reason of the poor sleep or insomnia is unknown, the symptoms may happen again in some period of time.

All sources say that one should go deeper and find out a reason of the disease. It may take much time and efforts, but then, as a result of it, a person will have a good health and enjoy happy life.

The therapy with Zopiclone should not last more than 4 weeks. A physician would say exactly how long the therapy should last. Even though the medicine provides a soft action, it cannot be taken long. Otherwise, negative symptoms may happen. Moreover, having any course of the treatment, there is a state when everything is fine, nothing burdens you, the sleep is good, and a person feels more energetic. At this moment, nobody wants to go deeper and find out a real reason of the disturbed sleep, right?

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When the course of the treatment is finished, there are cases when symptoms return in some period of time. The reason is not solving a real problem of the issue. By the way, Zopiclone does not have a withdrawal effect in case of a sudden termination of the therapy (a withdrawal effect is a combination of some psychological and physical effects that may include agitation, diarrhea, sweating, and so on).

If you have finished your Zopiclone therapy, and insomnia occurred in several months again, it is better consider to change some everyday routine actions. Here are some of the main reasons leading to poor sleep:

  1. Stressful situations
  2. Agitation caused by some events in life
  3. Concomitant diseases
  4. Depression
  5. Problems with relatives
  6. Night shifts
  7. Sedentary mode of life
  8. Uncomfortable bed

These are the most common reasons that are met among people, and they are mainly resolved. Of course, it is impossible to alter changes happening without our participation (for instance, politics, pandemic, etc) but in this case we may alter our attitude to the situation. We may stop watching news, enjoying the little moment in life such as sunlight or laugh of our kids.

Doing some physical exercise will give more energy to the body. Muscles are activated and serotonin is released during the workout. It means that the mood will be improved, and so the sleep will be better. It does not mean that it is necessary to go to the gym, and do pushups and deadlifts. Even 10 minutes of some light physical exercises may change your life. Walking is also a physical exercise! So why not to go for a walk?

Also, most of us are now working remotely. Some people do not even go out as they go shopping online, they do everything online. This may really change the sleeping schedule, as the brain is overloaded by information, by regular sitting in front of the computer or laptop. As a result, people sit up anight late, and this may lead to poor sleep or even insomnia. Of course, one may order Zopiclone online and forget about sleepless night for 4 weeks (as the drug should not be taken more than 4 weeks), but what next?

If you know what we are talking about, it is time to change your schedule.

Interesting fact: A cat sleep helps people to restore the energy and reduce the stress. But this nap should not last more than 30 minutes!

The British scientists have done researches where people took a nap in the middle of the day. There were two groups of people: one group slept just 30 minutes, and the second group – more than 30 minutes. Research has shown that 30-minute-nap helped people to restore the energy and reduce stress. And their night sleep was also improved. The group of people who slept more than 30 minutes did not feel such results. If you have any opportunity to take a nap for 30 minutes in the middle of the day, try to do it, and maybe your night sleep will be good.

Determination of ZPC and ACP in laboratory prepared mixtures by suggested spectrophotometric methods
Impurity %Concentrations (µg mL-1)Recovery %a
  Dual wavelengthIsoabsorptive ratioD3DD1
Mean ± SD  99.08 ± 1.16399.66 ± 0.905101.40 ± 0.542100.01 ± 1.54699.71 ± 1.20899.93 ± 1.153101.73 ± 0.587101.34 ± 0.813
aAverage of three determinations

What is a good sleep?

We have considered the symptoms of the disturbed sleep, and how to treat and deal with it. But maybe not all people know what a good sleep should be.

A good sleep is a process when our body switches off our consciousness, restores the energy, regulates all chemical processes in the body. The muscles are relaxed during the sleep, the tissues and cells are better generated. On an average, an adult person has to sleep for 8-9 hours. The amount of sleep depends on age of a person. Babies should sleep for 12-14 hours. About 2-3 awakenings are allowed during the night.

A person feels good, energetic and relaxed the next day after a good sleep. There is no irritation, sleepiness, muscle tension, apathy, and loginess. The sleep is considered normal when:

  • Falling asleep takes not more than 30 minutes
  • Sleep lasted for 8 hours (for an adult person)
  • Sleeping schedule is followed (falling asleep and waking up happens at the same time)
  • There are no frequent wake-ups
  • Two or three sleepless nights are acceptable per month

Deviations from these rules are considered a sleep disorder. But do not panic, it does not mean that you have insomnia or other serious problems. In any case, a medical consultation comes first in case of any sleep problems.

Moreover, there are special sleeping clinics that help to analyze your sleep. As you may know, there are phases of the sleep that should be present during healthy sleep. To find out the stages of your sleep, special technologies and tests are used in order to find out the activation of the brain and amount of hormones during sleep. Doctors may also prescribe Zopiclone, if some problems are detected during one or another test.

For your information: when elderly people complain of bad sleep, or sleepless night, it does not always mean insomnia. Some medical products may give such side effect as sleeplessness. So first of all, elder people have to check their medicines they are currently taken, and perhaps some of them may lead to the sleep disorder. Secondly, elder people may take a nap in the middle of the day (or even in the evening).

With aging, some processes in the body slow down, and elder people may get tired quickly, and in order to restore the energy, they sleep. It is normal, do not prohibit doing it. But elder people have to follow a recommendation: their nap should not last more than one hour on an average. Otherwise, they will not be able to fall asleep at night, as they have already had their 8 hours of sleep.

Important Information

This article is for information purposes. Any self-treatment is not acceptable because it may lead to serious consequences for the health. Knowing this information gives a possibility to estimate your health condition and take measures in order to improve the quality of your sleep and life in general.

Zopiclone is one of the most demanded sedative medical products that are widely used in medicine. But incorrect usage of the dose may lead to the unsuccessful treatment. As we have mentioned above, the metallic taste in the mouth may be the first signal of the incorrect usage of the drug or that Zopiclone does not work properly for your body. If this symptom passed in several days, it is possible to continue the therapy.

However, if other symptoms are added to the metallic aftertaste, it is better to get doctor’s advice. Here are side effects commonly met:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Bad mood
  4. Rash
  5. Sleepiness
  6. Faintness

As we all have different bodies, we all are unique, the symptoms may vary. In order to prevent a development of other reactions, make sure you are taking the prescribed Zopiclone dosage. Check whether the expiration date is fresh. Ask your doctor about a possible change of the dose.

In any case, any reaction should be followed no matter what treatment you are currently having. To achieve the best result in the treatment of insomnia or other disease any body signal matters.

Have you had a good sleep today? How long have you slept? How many times did you wake up in the middle of the night? You do not know what we are talking about? Well, you are a lucky person (because you probably have really good dreams)! We are going to consider insomnia and your sleep, as this issue is widely met among people of all ages.

Pace of living dictates its own terms. Sometimes it may be challenging, or excited, and sometimes it may need more peaceful environment and decisions. There are many factors affecting our lives, and it is important to properly react to one or another situation. Otherwise, health, and even psychological problems may become a “partner” for life.

Of course, we cannot consider all aspects of our life here (it would take too much of your time, and we do not want to just waste your time). Have you ever wondered that everything is inter-related: emotions, thoughts, work, environment, attitude, health, and so on. Any action may lead to good or bad results. This rule may be also applied to our body.

So taking into account all these aspects, a person has to quickly adjust to changes that may happen. And you may know that it is sometimes not easy to do it. But if you properly prepare yourself to coming changes, it would be easy to get used to these changes. For example, a woman is pregnant, and the body is getting ready to all these changes that are happening and will be in the future. Meanwhile, a woman and her partner also consider different situations, buy new furniture, preparing for labours, reading books, etc. All these actions will help our body, our brain to be ready for the changes and go through them without serious consequences. By the way, lack of sleep that often happens during the first 6 months after the child’s birth is quickly forgotten, as the human body has been prepared for this period.

But what if some unforeseen changes happen? Here is a good example of the pandemic situation, that has occurred all of a sudden and most people have not been ready for this. As a result, we still see difficulties and problems arising in most people (and most industries all over the world): anxiety, poor breathing, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, and so on. In order to avoid negative consequences, a human body and brain has to quickly analyze the situation and be ready to accept changes.

How to accept changes?

Emotional stability plays an important role in human’s life. Any person has to provide high quality food, safe environment, education, and relaxation. We have to divide our work, personal life, and rest. Every thing should take its own time. We have to find balance in everything. It is pretty tough, right? But this is how our body and brain should work.

When harmony and balance are found in life, any changes (one cannot influence on) will be properly accepted, without serious consequences for health. So make sure you are:

  • Eating healthy
  • Doing physical exercises
  • Having a good rest
  • Having a good sleep
  • Enjoying life

You may expand this list by adding things you like or things that make your life better and happier. In any case, it is essential to take care of your own body. If something goes wrong, the body may give signals. At first, these signals may be subtle, but when the signals are neglected, more serious problems may arise such as depression, apathy, or even insomnia.

Determination of ZPC in pharmaceutical formulation by the proposed methods and application of standard addition technique
Dual wavelengthIsoabsorptive ratioD3DD1
(µg mL-1)
%a± SD
(µg mL-1)
(µg mL-1)
%a± SD
(µg mL-1)
(µg mL-1)
%a± SD
(µg mL-1)
(µg mL-1)
%a± SD
(µg mL-1)
Hypnor® tablets B.N. 121084
 1098.82 ± 1.9948102.951099.85 ± 1.9378100.811099.78 ± 1.753899.4610100.09 ± 1.854899.66
   1099.44  10102.74  1098.91  1099.15
   12100.98  12100.90  12101.30  1299.78
 Mean ± SD  101.12 ± 1.759Mean ± SD  101.48 ± 1.089Mean ± SD  99.89 ± 1.252Mean ± SD  99.53 ± 0.3
aAverage of six determinations
bAverage of three determinations

Why Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by the poor sleep, or lack of sleep, or insufficient sleep. In fact, insomnia is a discontent of the sleep quality, or inability to fall asleep. About 45% of population suffer from insomnia. Moreover, insomnia may occur because of some diseases or problems with health. Of course, insomnia may be caused by other factors such as stress.

There are two types of insomnia:

  • Mental
  • Neurological

The most common reason of the mental insomnia is considered stress. It is no wonder as stressful situations may not only affect the quality of sleep, but also other systems of our body (for instance, blood pressure may drop or increase, or panic attacks may happen, etc). Constant tension, or agitation of the nervous system makes us be nervous and irritated, so that it is rather difficult to fall asleep.

For instance, you have not done your job in time. As a result, you have had a bad conversation with your boss, who was not happy with this situation. Of course, a person may have a different reaction to this situation, but in most cases, anger and other hard feelings may burden this person. At home, one would think this situation over and over (making our nervous system more agitated), and as a result of this, the night may be sleepless.

Stress may be also caused by relations with your friends, or relatives. In case of any misunderstanding, the disturbed sleeping is guaranteed. Stress may be even caused by moving houses. As you can see stress may be different and have various consequences for our body.

If stress is gone, or you know that you do not have stress, but the sleep is not good, the reason of insomnia may be a disease. Some diseases of heart and gastro-intestinal diseases may really affect the quality of sleep. In this case, it is better to consider all medications or dietary supplements you have currently taken, as they may have side effects such as sleep disorder. If this is excluded, think of chronic diseases that may cause a disturbed sleeping.

In any case, any symptom that makes you agitated, or gives your troubles (or flatly you do not like it) needs your attention and a medical examination. Some of the tests may be taken, but only your doctor can tell you what tests should be taken and how to solve one or another health issue.

How to detect insomnia?

Let’s consider what healthy sleeping is. According to scientific researches, on average an adult person should sleep 8-9 hours. Also, hours for sleep may vary depending on the age of a person (for instance, teenagers should sleep for up to 13 hours). It means that the sleep is not disturbed, a person does not wake up at night (more than 2 times per night), does not have bad dreams. A person feels relaxed and full of energy after a good sleep.

Moreover, it is important to have all stages of the sleep, especially deep sleep. During a good sleep, our body is relaxed, the heart rate as well as the breath rate is slowing down. Normally, it takes for up to 30 minutes to fall asleep.

So, if you have already noticed some deviations from the abovementioned, you may probably have a sleep disorder. Here are the main symptoms of insomnia:

  • Not able to fall asleep for more than 30 minutes
  • Often awakenings at night
  • Sleep lasts less than 5 hours
  • Fatigue and lack of energy

If you have a bad sleep for more than 3 times per week, you should consider possible insomnia. Moreover, insomnia may be:

  • chronic (it lasts more than 3 months), or
  • periodic (it may happen from time to time)

In case of the periodic sleep disorder, the sleep may be improved, if stress or other situations that may burden you are eliminated. Sometimes the change of the everyday routine may also help to set a good sleeping.

In case of the chronic insomnia, it is better to get medical consultation and consider of taking sleeping pills. Moreover, it is good to consider a combined therapy for the chronic insomnia. For instance, mental healing may help to overcome psychological issues that may directly influence on the quality of sleep. The leader in this psychotherapy is a cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is a special type of the therapy, when a person gets explanations of what action may be wrong. Moreover, the behavior of this person is analyzed to improve the sleep.

Such therapy is not fast, it takes much efforts and time in order to come to the positive result and complete healing. Sometimes it may take for up to six weeks. But when it comes to health and when a person is exhausted, any method would do no matter how long it would take. Any person deserves to have a happy life.

How to defeat insomnia?

Of course, the first thought that crosses our mind is an administration of pharmaceutical products. We have got used to the idea that a little pill is able to remove pain, lower the blood pressure, improve the digestion, kill bacteria, lower the body temperature and so on. Yes, sometimes a pill is the only option for the fast and better aid for our body. Sometimes pharmaceutical products may even save a human life.

But there are a lot of cases when it is possible to try other methods, that may not cause side effects and result in a good and healthy effect. Sometimes a change of our habits and everyday routine may prevent the development of some diseases such as depression or even insomnia. Of course, a help of a specialist will bring as much help as possible. But if you want to try your best, there are a lot of simple ways how to defeat insomnia and improve the quality of the sleep.

Organize a place for your sleep

It seems weird but most people do not have a good and quality sleeping place. Moreover, there are places when there is not enough space for the whole bedroom. In this case, bed turns into a place where people watching TV, or spending time with friends, and even eating. Follow the rule when your bed should be used just for sleep and for sex (the rule of two S as some people call it).

Your sleeping place should be quiet, dark (use dense curtains), cool (the temperature should be comfortable) and cozy.

Good pillows and mattress

Make sure your are using good pillows that does not make your neck hurt and a mattress that is not firm and not too soft. Make sure that they give you enough support. Nobody wants to sleep on rocks.

Avoid excessive load on your brain

Try not to work before going to bed. Do not watch horrors, or do not read books that are intense. Make sure to put your phone away and let your brain to calm down.

Set in a sleeping mood

You may take a warm shower or bath. Listen to relaxing music. Going for a short walk will also give a good mood for your whole body and it would be easier to fall asleep.


It is good to go to bed at the same time every day. And it is better to get up at the same time. The body will build a habit to go to bed at certain time. Yes, it may not work at once especially when you are having insomnia. But practice makes perfect.

Scientists say that the best time to go to sleep is 10 PM. Our biological clock prepares the body for sleep at this time, and melatonin is produced mostly between 10 to 12 PM. We know that this may be too early for some people, but anyone could set their own biological clock.

Of course, these recommendations may not work right away. It takes time for the body to get used for some changes and rules. But most of them really help people to sleep better.

If your insomnia lasts for 6 months, you have tried all known methods, and nothing helps, it is better to see a doctor. There are special clinics that may analyze your sleep, and find out a reason of this disorder. In this case pharmaceutical products are the only effective way to get rid of insomnia. The question is to find a proper product that will do for your body.

By: Dr. Christine Barillon

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