How to pay for the pills?

We accept cashless transfers. It is rather simple to do by means of your credit card (Visa, or MasterCard). We also accept E-checks. Just click on Pay and you will be referred to the billing page. Tips will appear as well.

How many pills may I buy?

Buy as many pills, as you need. No limits. Moreover, it is cost-efficient to buy pills for the entire course of the treatment. In case of any questions, just Contact Us.

How the order is processed?

Any order will be processed within 24 hours.

When will you send the pills?

The pills will be sent right after the full payment for the order. When the package is ready for the shipment, you will get notification. It usually takes 48 hours.

Do you tell the name of the pills to the delivery companies?

No, nobody knows what inside the package is. We respect our customers, and so we meet all requirements of the confidentiality.

What is the package you use?

High quality and solid packing materials are used. The pills come in blisters. Blisters are packed into secured envelope with extra protection. All envelopes are dense and protect the pills against humidity and sunlight.

What is the cost of the delivery?

The cost depends on country the package will be sent to. A transportation company will notify you about the delivery expenses.

What are delivery options?

We work with the international transportation companies. Packages are sent worldwide. EMS and AirMail are offered. You may select one of this ways. Please read more in Shipping Policy.

How do you set the price?

We work directly with the suppliers of medical products. We do not use services of distributors, or representatives of the companies. All supplies come from the manufacturer. We do not rent big offices and spaces for our team. We work online. All these aspects really save money, and so we do not add extra charges for the pills. So, you see only real and clear prices on the website.

Do you offer Generics?

Yes, there are Generic on the website. Generic medical product has the same active ingredient as the brand name. The only difference is a name of Generic pills. The action is the same.

What to do when the package is not arrived?

There are different situations. Due to the pandemic situation in the world, the delivery terms may be changed. Holiday season may also affect the period of the shipment. We recommend to wait for 20 days. If the package is still not delivered, please contact us. We may send the same amount of the pills you have ordered again.

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