When during pregnancy begins to show pigmentation, insomnia and other uncharacteristic signs

When hormonal and immune systems begin to rebuild during pregnancy, certain ailments appear that are known to almost everyone: cessation of the menstrual cycle, nausea, sleep disturbances, irritability, and so on. 

But sometimes the signs of pregnancy are of a different nature, they are not quite usual. And not all women know that certain reactions of the body indicate the beginning of a happy and important period in the life of the future mother.  

What should also pay attention

In some cases, the woman’s body responds to the onset of pregnancy is not very usual. It can be said that these are unexpected symptoms that lead a woman into confusion, cause strong feelings and even thoughts about some mysterious disease. And you can not blame the future mother in the lack of knowledge. Indeed, pregnancy in this way declares itself quite rarely.  

Symptoms accompanying pregnancy, which also need to know:

  • When the pregnancy begins for no apparent reason to flow from the nose, the woman decides that she has a cold. Nasal congestion is also often referred to as catarrhal diseases;
  • There may be nosebleeds;
  • Vascular stars in the chest and shoulders cause confusion and excitement, because it looks unaesthetic. But worry about this is not worth it, since such a symptom, ultimately, passes without a trace;
  • Excessive salivation can cause nausea and discomfort, and salivation can be profuse;
  • Metallic taste in the mouth appears due to hormonal changes in the body, along with this, body odor may change;
  • When during pregnancy, pigmentation begins to appear on the face or excessive hair growth over the upper lip or on the chin, on the chest, on the back, and in other unwanted places. This is caused by an increase in the level of the androgen hormone. After birth, this phenomenon goes away by itself;
  • Cramps in the legs, especially at night;
  • Bowel problems;
  • Frequent sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • Spots and redness of palms.

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