Treatment of snoring with folk methods

The problem of snoring worries almost everyone. People are uncomfortable with snoring relatives, neighbors in a hotel room, a train compartment, a hospital ward. The “snorers” themselves are shy, complex, and if their snoring is complicated ( obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ), then they also seriously risk their health! For the treatment of snoring, some resort to traditional methods. What are they and how effective are they? 

Treating snoring with traditional methods may include gargling with olive oil before bed, or putting a few drops of vegetable oil in your nose . At the same time, the sliding of mucous membranes improves, they soften and vibrate less when breathing. This can sometimes reduce the intensity of your snoring.   

If snoring is caused by a runny nose or other inflammatory condition of the upper respiratory tract, rinsing the nasal mucosa (mouthwash) with salt water may help A slight anti-edema effect makes breathing easier, helps to reduce snoring.  

Sometimes when snoring it is advised to take decoctions and infusions of tonic herbs . Hypothetically, this can help, since the components of such funds maintain muscle tone, reducing their tendency to collapse during sleep. 

Special exercises can be a home remedy to reduce snoring. Here is some of them.  

A. Push the tongue forward and down as much as possible. In the extended state, hold for 1-2 seconds. Perform 30 times in the morning and in the evening.

B. Press the chin with your hand and forcefully move the lower jaw back and forth. Perform 30 times in the morning and in the evening.

B. Clamp firmly with your teeth and hold a wooden stick for 3-4 minutes. Perform before bedtime.

D. The loud pronunciation of the letter “I” is also directed at training the muscles of the larynx

When observing sleeping people, it was observed that the most severe snoring occurs in people in the supine position. Alternative treatment for snoring suggests not letting the patient sleep on his back. This can be achieved by placing a hard object (most conveniently a tennis ball) in a pocket sewn onto the back of your pajamas. At the beginning of the application of this method, the quality of sleep may deteriorate, especially in people who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs, however, within 3-4 weeks, a persistent conditioned reflex to rest on their side is developed.   

It is necessary to ensure an elevated position of the headboard . You can install bars about 10 cm thick under the legs of the bed from the side of the head. The elevated position of the body reduces the retraction of the tongue, even in the supine position. You should not use tightly stuffed large pillows to ensure an elevated position of the headboard, this most often only intensifies snoring, since in a dream the head slides off such a pillow or is thrown back. 

The severity of snoring depends on the patient’s body weight. Reducing weight leads to a significant reduction in the severity of snoring. Diet home remedies for snoring will be very effective.  

If the traditional treatment of snoring does not help, you should consult a doctor for examination, an accurate diagnosis, and the choice of the optimal method to eliminate the problem. Complications of snoring (stopping breathing during sleep) are a serious medical problem, worsen the quality of life, increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, cause impotence, disrupt daytime performance, etc. It is important to prevent them from occurring, and if they have already arisen, to start fighting the disease as soon as possible in order to avoid further serious health problems.   

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