Sleepless beauties: fighting sleep disorders

A healthy person should have such a sound sleep that you can’t wake him up from a cannon. If this ability disappears, you need to find the cause and try to eliminate it.

Man needs a healthy sleep

“If you can’t fall asleep, count to three, or half past three,” Rina Zeleny joked. However, although a sense of humor can brighten up time spent without sleep, it is still necessary to fight insomnia. And this must be done in more effective ways, because a person needs a healthy sleep to preserve youth and prolong life.

The Latin name for insomnia is insomnia. According to statistics, every third person on our planet suffers from it. We will talk today about what can cause insomnia and how to deal with it.

Offset sleep time

One of the causes of sleep disturbance is the flight problem. There are frequent cases when a person goes to the resort to organize a real rest, but he does not add up, because he can’t sleep. To avoid this, follow these guidelines: 

  • if the flight time is not more than six hours, it is advisable to try to fly out in the afternoon to arrive in the evening. This will help not to shift the time of sleep, that is, have dinner and go to bed at the usual time. Thus, two adaptive mechanisms can immediately be activated – food and sleep, which are powerful synchronizers of the body’s biorhythms. It is better not to sleep on the plane – having slept on the road, a person is likely to toss and turn from side to side in a new place;
  • to normalize sleep after air travel, you will need approximately one day for each crossed belt. For example, if on vacation a person’s sleep time is four hours later than usual, then it will take about four days to restore the regime.

What is needed and what cannot be done before bedtime?

Going to bed not at the same time, a person can knock down the setting of biorhythms of sleep and wakefulness. The best time for sleep is considered to be from 22.00 to 7.00. To ensure a good night’s rest, you should:

  • Do not overload before going to bed. Eating activates the digestive organs, sending invigorating impulses to the brain. The last meal should be easy, and no later than two hours before a night’s rest. Before going to bed, it is permissible to drink a glass of warm milk with one spoon of honey;
  • before going to bed, give up computer games and watching TV shows. TV and computer before night rest have an exciting effect on the central nervous system of a person;
  • reduce activity. Communication on social networks before going to bed, serious phone conversations, any quarrel or conflict may not affect the quality of night sleep in the best way;
  • Do not drink strong tea, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks at night. The last mug of such a drink can be drunk no later than eight hours before bedtime. That is how much time its impact lasts.

The effect of stress on sleep quality

The most common type of insomnia is situational. If a person had a lot of problems during the day, he may have trouble falling asleep at night. Nevertheless, you still need to try to sleep. Sleeping teas, for example, from hop cones can help in this (two teaspoons are brewed in a glass of boiling water, insisted for four hours, then drunk at night). You can use special meditation techniques, for example, the techniques of Indian yogis:

  • to feel the temporal artery with the middle and index fingers and, having felt the uniform beat of the pulse, start counting them. Sometimes it helps to fall asleep;
  • stare at a shiny subject. It can be a watch, a metal ball or a decoration left on the table. Watch until the eyes begin to stick together.

If insomnia has been stalking a person for more than a month, you don’t need to attribute everything to stress, you should look for the real cause of the pathology. Sometimes, latent diseases, in particular, hypertension or respiratory diseases, become such. Therefore, if insomnia is prolonged, it makes sense to consult a doctor. 

When is the time to go to the doctor?

Scientists, after observing women using special devices at bedtime, who claimed that they couldn’t sleep all night, determined that they still slept for about five hours. The fact is that they simply do not control it. Some cannot sleep for a long time in the evening, others wake up several times in the middle of the night. And others, having slept soundly all night, wake up the next morning with a feeling of weakness and fatigue.

A night without sleep, if it is only one, will not cause much harm to the body. However, in this case, to restore the body will need two nights of healthy rest. Tormented without sleep for a couple of nights, a person practically sleeps on the go, ceases to enjoy life, he has forgetfulness and inattention. After five nights of wakefulness, hallucinations can be observed , after fifteen the psyche of a person is disturbed – drowsiness almost merges with episodes of wakefulness, and it is difficult for a person to understand: does everything happen in reality or in a dream? If insomnia lasts even longer, the consequences can be even more serious. 

Sleep disorders are considered chronic if they disturb a person for more than three weeks. In such a situation, you should definitely contact a specialist.

How to activate the production of melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for human biorhythms. It is for this reason that it is called sleep hormone. To activate the production of the hormone during sleep, follow our recommendations:

  • sleep in the dark. The synthesis of melatonin in the human body occurs from about midnight to three to four in the morning. Moreover, this does not necessarily occur in a dream, the main thing is that it is dark. Therefore, if you have to work until late, it is recommended to dim the light in the room. It is better to pull windows with blackout curtains. It is not advisable to leave the nightlight and TV on at night. And if you have to get up at night, do not light the overhead light, a nightlight will be quite enough;
  • include in the diet products containing melatonin – corn, bananas, nuts, pumpkin seeds, cheese, rice, chicken, turkey. Alternatively, you can use pharmacy preparations containing this important hormone (as directed by a doctor);
  • try to fill your life with pleasures. Any pleasant things will help stimulate the synthesis of melatonin – art, entertainment, communication with children and friends, and so on.

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