Signs of insomnia

With the help of special equipment, two types of sleep were identified: orthodox and paradoxical. The first is slow, dreamless sleep. The second is fast with dreams. The characteristic features of slow sleep are a decrease in the frequency of breathing and heart rate, slowing down of eye movements. REM sleep is deeper than slow sleep, but also more shallow. REM sleep accounts for 75-80% of the total duration of human sleep, and REM sleep accounts for 20-25% of nighttime sleep. Their alternation is typical for healthy people.

The deviation in the duration of these dreams leads to insomnia and disorders of the human nervous system. They affect the state of his psyche, attention and emotional state.

Even a perfectly healthy person can suffer from insomnia due to excessive nervous excitement or under the influence of medications. During sleep, the body is inactive, consciousness turns off, a person does not react to what is happening around him, and his muscles relax.

But here’s the problem! The eyes don’t close. Sleep does not come at all. Or even small trifles interrupt sleep. To determine insomnia, it is necessary to conduct a thorough study of a person’s condition, clarify his biological type (an owl or a lark), as well as observe his lifestyle.

Frequent complaints of slow falling asleep or poor quality of sleep of the patient can be pronounced signs of insomnia. With insomnia, sleep disturbance is noted at least 3 times a week for a month.  

The person expresses anxiety or concern about the lack of adequate sleep and expresses fear of the consequences of lack of sleep. Also, the quality of sleep and its insufficient duration can cause severe malaise or a violation of a person’s social or professional status.

Our sleep, or rather its calmness, is associated with our strong emotions, secret desires, bad or good memories, health and physiological needs.

So, the obvious signs of insomnia are:

  1. Difficulty falling asleep;
  2. Superficial, restless sleep with frequent awakenings;
  3. Earlier final awakening.

To eliminate insomnia, we advise you to follow the recommendations of specialists. Sometimes useful advice from family and friends helps prevent insomnia .  

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