Masturbation and insomnia

Insomnia can also lead to masturbation. As soon as a teenager at least once gets acquainted with the soothing hypnotic effect of the masturbation act, he will masturbate consciously. All kinds of oppressed states, mental depressions often lead to masturbation, as the most accessible means of calming and consolation. Sometimes the root cause of masturbation in children is the presence of worms, and sometimes urinary incontinence. Inappropriate conversations and sexual anecdotes of adults in the presence of children, as well as paintings, sculptures and even some theatrical performances, can play a similar provocative role.

Nutritional factors can also cause erections in boys and adolescents and lead to masturbation – overeating, hot spicy food seasonings, pickles, smoked meats, as well as overloading heavy food and drinks at night. The onset of masturbation can also be facilitated by the bad example of other adolescents, as well as the observation of copulation in animals.

Masturbation has long been considered the cause of almost all diseases encountered in humans. There was a time when masturbation was portrayed as the worst of all vices. Its consequences included mental disorders, epilepsy, memory loss, weakening of all senses, neuralgia, asthma, heart defects, eye diseases, pustules and acne on the skin, etc. Even warts on the hands were considered a consequence of masturbation. And the most impressionable masturbators considered themselves unworthy to be in the company of decent people. 

In reality, this is not the case. Masturbation is, of course, a bad habit that, when abused, weakens the body, like alcohol and smoking. However, the masturbator’s fear of the consequences is much more harmful than the consequences themselves. Prominent neuropsychiatrist V.P. Osipov wrote that the masturbator is deeply oppressed by his impotence to cope with a bad habit and resist a seductive attraction. Frightened by those around him and by reading brochures outlining fantastic fears, he constantly lives under the threat of future diseases and the thought of his inability to have a normal sex life. A serious condition arises in his psyche with a chain of nervous phenomena that can lead to the development of a weakening of the psyche. That is why masturbation often provokes hypochondriacal states.

The study of this phenomenon, scientific analysis and medical practice show that the indicated consequences of masturbation are extremely exaggerated – this is an imaginary harm. Masturbation is a kind of household surrogate for sexual intercourse. There can be no harm from normal intercourse ; one should not exaggerate the harm from the masturbation act, if it is resorted to only out of need, that is, it is used only as a last resort, without abusing it, do not fix extraordinary attention on it and do not start too early.  

As you know, before the sexual intercourse, there is almost always some preliminary sexual pleasure obtained from contemplation of the sexual object, touching, kissing, hugging, etc. In this case, there is a strong excitement of the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and other analyzers and sensitive areas of the body , which automatically give some of the excitement to the genital area. By irritating the erogenous zones, the readiness of the genitals for copulation awakens with the release of mucous secretions of the nearby accessory glands. During intercourse, there is a summation of all sexual stimuli and, when the genitals are excited! reaches a certain tension, the ejaculation of semen reflexively occurs in a man and the secretion of a woman’s sexual apparatus, accompanied by an orgasm, palpable almost instantly with the whole body.

During the masturbation act, all the sense organs seem to be silent (they are “cold”), and the entire amount of arousal should be given by the conscious tension of erotic fantasy and mechanical stimulation of the genitals. Some people masturbate and generally without the assistance of fantasy (purely mechanical). Masturbation is generally poor in feelings.

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