Insomnia and sleeping pills

Sometimes, even with the most conscientious implementation of sleep hygiene recommendations, insomnia develops . A person either has difficulty falling asleep, or easily wakes up at night and lies awake for several hours, gets up in the morning with a feeling of weakness, unrespirated, with a heavy head. Insomnia is not an independent disease, but a companion of a number of other ailments. It occurs with deviations from the nervous system and internal organs. It is necessary to treat the underlying disease, and insomnia will be cured at the same time. 

It happens, however, that it is not always easy to find the root of evil and it is not always possible, having found it, to uproot. For example, a person was found to have sclerosis of the cerebral vessels. Medicine still does not know how to treat him. It can delay its further development, but science is still powerless to reverse the already existing sclerosis. In all such cases it is necessary to deal with insomnia “directly”. For this there is an extensive arsenal of hypnotics. Some people are very afraid of sleeping pills – they believe that their use threatens to weaken memory, etc. Fears are clearly exaggerated. For a long time, I personally have observed people who have been taking sleeping pills for decades . These were the eldest members of my family. They lived up to 80-90 years, keeping a clear mind, good  memory. I think that if they were afraid of sleeping pills more than insomnia, and would suffer from it every night, they would not live that long. Of course, sleeping pills should not be taken in vain, but where the doctor recommends using them, there should be no fears. You just need to remember that sleeping pills should be selected individually. One person is helped by Nembutal, another – Noxerone, etc. Sometimes so-called cocktails of hypnotics are used: a pill of one, half a tablet of another. If, after taking sleeping pills, a person wakes up in the morning with a heavy head and feeling unwell, then the sleeping pill was chosen incorrectly, it is not suitable for this person. If the state of health in the morning is good, the person feels rested, full of energy, it can be considered that the remedy has been found that corresponds to the individual characteristics of the nervous system, and this sleeping pill should be chosen. 

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