How to deal with insomnia? The game “Royal Cat”

Insomnia is my old friend. I am an opponent of sleeping pills, but I want to sleep! Last night, tossing and turning in bed until about three, I decided to apply the recently read somewhere somewhere English method of falling asleep. No, do not count sheep. This is primitive and unsuitable for hereditary citizens: try to imagine how they look, these same rams.   

No, the British have something more interesting, called the ” Royal Cat “.

The bottom line is that you have to write phrases about cats in which all the words (except the word “cat”) would begin with one letter. As an example, I remember, it was recommended ” Careless Cat, which does not bother the Future .” Therefore, prepositions, conjunctions and other particles do not count. Why not try it, since I’m still not sleeping? At least something new.  

On “A” … What can you think of on “A”? I stalled. The ” Neat Cat That Takes Acne Acne ” stubbornly climbed into my head . It’s clear what’s the matter: weather forecasters promised a cold winter, it will be necessary to cover the windows with special paper, after filling up the cracks with foam rubber, and, as always, I’m too lazy to spend precious energy on life. Stop! .. The theme of my laziness is inexhaustible, the road of self-criticism can lead very far, and most importantly – not at all where it is needed.  

Let’s get back to our cats better. It doesn’t work on “A” – I’ll move on, I never had a habit of getting stuck in the first step. Indeed, the second attempt turned out to be more successful: “ Poor Awake Cat Fighting Insomnia Unsuccessfully ” – this, of course, myself, unlike the number one character. The success inspired me, and then I raced on all sails: “A polite Cat who listens to everyone carefully … ” (where to find one?). ” Smooth Cat, Blue-eyed Grymza, Talking to Guests Muck … “. What is it, where did I suddenly go? This is no longer a cat, this is one friend, we will not name …    

“A Benevolent Cat Giving Money … “, “A Ruffled Cat That Evermisses Every Night … “, “A Greedy Cat in a Yellow Jacket, Chewing Gum … “. My imagination ran out. Cats, one after another, appeared in the room and sat in a row near the sofa. There was no sleep in any eye.  

“The Golden-Tailed Cat, Forgetting to Lock the Locks and Slide the Latch … ”, “The Individualistic Cat” (can I say that? Okay, let’s be the “Individual Girl”), playing in Sincerity, not experiencing Illusions, Ignoring Incidents “… (Uh, well and bullshit!) “Royal Cat” (on “K” it must be “Royal”, this is part of the game) – “ Royal Cat, Flirty Beauty, Whirling with Cavalier in Counter-dance … ” (the word “which” was very useful , communions are tired, hiss terribly! ..).  

“ Lazy Cat, Loving Buttercups, Lilies of the Valley and Affectionate People … ”, “ Low-income Cat, Dreaming of Pickled Lampreys, Martini, Mercedes Car, Young Courageous Marquise ” (and what? Marquise is a common nickname, for example, with my boss Siamese cat is called that). “ Reliable Cat, Night Nanny, Teaching the Ignoramus … ”, “ Charming Cat, Adoring Describe Autumn, Lakes, Clouds … ” (it’s time to stop, there are a lot of words on “O”!).  

“A Truthful Cat Receiving a Personal Pension, Despising Political Prostitutes Who Have Accepted Principles … ” The wild imagination once again played a cruel joke with me, and now the peaceful cat society at the couch, having stopped the exchange of courtesies, looks at the newly arrived lady with confusion. What have I done! .. How will they deal with her now ?! However, there is one, the first, which is marked with the letter “A” – although it is illiterate, it will not let anyone down. 

“ Reasonable Cat, Zealous Worker, Decisive Leader … ” Just what you need. Let him now figure out the relationship with his predecessor, they are worth each other.

” An Independent Cat, Looking High at the Bustle of Grumpy Neighbors … ” You need to be careful, still kindle a cat conflict inadvertently near your own sofa, then you certainly won’t fall asleep! Something neutral, at least like this: ” A talented Cat Tearing Theatricals with Tragedies … “. Perhaps it will do. 

I rushed faster, it was already impossible to stop me. “A Scientist Cat, Clever, Able to Hold Beats with a Smile … ” Not bad, she herself would not refuse to become like that. “Fantastic Cat, Femme Fatale (interesting, but in French is it possible? Probably, it is possible, especially since the language starts with “ F ”). ” … Femme Fatale, Fan of Football, Philately and Films about Filibusters … “, ” Charismatic Cat, Cunningly Keeping the Mistresses of Chrysoprase … “, ” Ambitious Cat, Clearly Reading Human Traits … “.  

It became harder to come up with, nevertheless, the last letters of the alphabet, but now I was inspired by the proximity of the end of the work. “A playful Cat that Jokes Jokes ” (not a Masterpiece, but you can’t think of anything better on “Sh”). “ The Scratchy Cat that Spares the Twittering Goldfinch ” (oh yes I!). What’s next for us? A solid sign, “Y”, a soft sign – let’s skip, of course. There was very little left, and in the end my imagination revealed something outrageous: ” Exalted Cat, Esoteric Enthusiast, Envolving Energy Egregors .” I squeezed my eyes shut, not daring to look at what was happening there, by the sofa. But this surge was the last. Further, there were no surprises: ” Young Cat, Southerner-Comedian ” and ” Furious Cat, which Poisons Yaritsya on the Japanese .”   

I sighed in relief. What could be nicer than a sense of accomplishment? In addition , this feeling is the best sleeping pill. I turned on my right side, closed my eyes, I heard a melodic quiet purr of cats created by my imagination, and …  

Sweet dream after the labors of the righteous.

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