How many hours should you sleep?

How many hours do you need to sleep in order to feel relaxation when you wake up. Sleep is important to us. It helps to restore tired organs in our body.

Every night a person closes his eyes and plunges into another dimension. He falls asleep. Nobody knows what is happening to us in this world. In the world of dreams. Have you ever tried going without sleep for a week or a month. Obviously, this is almost impossible. After a certain time, our brain gets tired. The body starts to ache. A person without sleep becomes irritable, loses the ability to think clearly and cannot concentrate. He needs sleep – time to recuperate and accumulate reserves for the next activity.

Sleeping a lot is not enough to live: what has been slept is lived through. Moderation is important in any vacation. Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep for the average person. But a lot still depends on the lifestyle of each individual. Someone needs 5-6 hours of sleep per day, while others need much more than 8 hours. The basic rule is that a person should sleep as much as is required for his well-being and recovery of the body.

For most people, eight hours of sleep is normal. But there are people who take much longer to sleep. Much depends on the lifestyle of a person and his individual habits.

It doesn’t matter how many people sleep. The quality of rest and recovery is not affected by the number of hours of sleep, but by its depth. According to the level of sleep, deep sleep and shallow sleep are distinguished. During deep sleep, it is more difficult to awaken the sleeper. All his muscles are extremely relaxed. During shallow sleep, the body does not receive the necessary relaxation. Waking up, you can still feel tired.

There is a general rule of thumb. A person should sleep exactly as much as necessary for his well-being and full recovery. It is important that both body and mind rest during sleep. 

It is also important that the sleeping room should be impassable and quietest. Experience shows that with a small number of rooms, it is better to furnish the bedroom so that it can be used as a study during the day. For lighting the bedroom, in addition to general, local light is used. For better air exchange, daily ventilation of the bedroom is also required .    

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