Features of insomnia during pregnancy

Pregnancy   It will require many strengths from a woman, and in order to replenish them, she will need a lot of rest. This is necessary to maintain health, because the load on the body of the future mother has now increased, she must provide resources not only for her body, but also for the developing baby. So, a healthy sleep is simply necessary for a woman.

Insomnia in the expectant mother

The most high-quality and complete rest the body gets in a dream. This is the nature of the intended body renewal forces for all organ systems. No wonder the rate of sleep for a healthy person should be at least eight hours a day. But, unfortunately, precisely when a pregnancy occurs, and a woman needs rest more than ever, the expectant mother can begin to suffer from insomnia. This is due to the hormonal restructuring of the body – the complex processes that occur in the female body, do not allow the nervous system to relax.

Insomnia can have a different character, depending on which phase of sleep the expectant mother has problems with. Starting insomnia is characterized by trouble falling asleep. A woman cannot fall asleep in any way, she tosses and turns over, remembers some important events again and again, her consciousness does not want to shut down. If the expectant mother falls asleep normally, but every now and then wakes up during the night – this is the inability to maintain the state of sleep. And in case of insomnia of the final phase, the woman wakes up too early in the morning, and obviously not rested enough, but she cannot fall asleep again. All these conditions lead to the fact that the body receives an insufficient amount of rest, it does not have time to recover. This can lead to serious health problems, as the organ systems will soon cease to withstand the strenuous loads entrusted to them.

Causes of Sleep Disorders During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are most often faced with starting insomnia. Typically, these sleep disorders disturb during the first and third trimesters, since this time is the most difficult for the body. In the first three months, the expectant mother is undergoing major changes in the body, she is tormented by toxicosis, and closer to childbirth, she is weakened by carrying a baby. Also strongly influenced by the ability to relax psychological tension. A woman is worried about whether she will be able to bear and give birth to a baby normally, if she can become a good mother, she is worried about the pain in the process of giving birth.

The psychological problems in the first place include chronic fatigue syndrome. A woman should understand that pregnancy is the time when she needs to take care of herself and avoid unnecessary stress. It is only at first glance it seems that after a busy day, the body itself turns off and sleep comes instantly. In fact, overstrain is given to the nervous system, the expectant mother may wish to rest for hours and suffer not only from fatigue, but also from the inability to fall asleep.

Strong stress can also cause insomnia. Alas, this is a frequent event in the life of a pregnant woman, and quite often it is not caused by objective reasons, but by the same change in hormonal balance. The nervous system becomes vulnerable as ever, everything takes to heart, easily offended without the slightest cause. Pregnancy is a serious test of the strength of the psyche and the very future mother and her environment. About the chemical nature of this change in behavior, all participants in communication should remind themselves as often as possible. This will help preserve the relationship, and the woman will be able to save a certain number of nerve cells and calmly sleep in the evening.

Sound sleep is needed for health

Insomnia can be caused by a purely physiological inability to relax and disconnect due to health problems. During pregnancy there are many possible pathological conditions that prevent the expectant mother from falling asleep. One of the most unpleasant – frequent urge to urinate. The reason for this phenomenon is very simple – the increasing uterus puts pressure on the bladder and creates the feeling of having to visit the toilet. Usually, this is only a feeling – there is no need to get rid of body fluids at this moment, but it is extremely uncomfortable for a woman to endure such a state.

Edema and   heartburn   may occur due to the effects of hormones on the work of all body systems. The gastrointestinal tract does not always produce enough enzymes to process the most familiar foods; water balance and fluid distribution can also be disturbed. When the pregnancy develops until a later date, the expectant mother may feel pain in the back. Problems with the spine are frequent at this time, because it now has an additional burden. And closer to the birth may interfere with sleep baby, which is already actively moving, its activity prevents the onset of sleep.

If the cause of insomnia lies in health problems, then it is necessary to eliminate this cause. The expectant mother should consult a doctor and describe the problem. The specialist will prescribe a gentle course of treatment that will help to normalize   health, but does not harm the fetus. An annoying factor will go away – insomnia will also go away. Well, in the case of excessive activity of the baby, the woman’s rehearsal of the role of the mother will help the woman best now, when the crumb has not yet been born. Let her talk to the baby, stroke her belly, sing a song. Studies have shown that the child in the prenatal period is already able to hear the sounds around him – he will probably catch the mood of the mother and will meet her, calm down.

How to help yourself fall asleep

There are some measures that will help the expectant mother cope with a sleep disorder and strengthen the nervous system. Highly recommended walks in the fresh air in the afternoon. Pregnancy is generally the right time for constant, but not strong physical activity, it will help to avoid problems with the whole complex of diseases. A walk for half an hour is a pleasant pastime and saturation of the brain with the oxygen it needs. Also, fresh air should be present in the house where the expectant mother lives – it is necessary to air the rooms at least twice a day so that health is in order.

Well help warm drink before bedtime. But not such exciting drinks as tea or coffee, and milk with honey, or an infusion of soothing herbs – lavender, verbena, mint. Promotes relaxation and bath with essential oils. You only need to closely monitor the temperature of the water – too high a temperature can harm the health of the expectant mother.

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