15 rules for healthy sleep

These rules will be useful both for those who do not complain about sleep, and for those who have discovered the first signs of sleep disturbance.   

Sleep is the most important part of our life. If a person cannot get enough sleep, a variety of ailments will not keep you waiting.    

Regular sleep deprivation leads to problems with health (from the increased pressure until insomnia), reduced efficiency or even accidents.     

It is better not to fight serious sleep disorders on your own, but to consult a doctor-somnologist.    

To prevent such problems from developing, follow simple rules. They will be useful both for those who do not complain about sleep and for those who have discovered the first signs of sleep disturbance.    

1. Get up at the same time . Stick to your routine even on weekends.  

2. Go to bed only when you feel sleepy. The one who gets to sleep in the evening falls asleep well and quickly . Following the rules of healthy sleep will help drowsiness set in at about the same time.    

3. If you have trouble falling asleep within 20 minutes, leave the bedroom and do some quiet activity elsewhere. Just don’t let yourself fall asleep outside of bed, such as on the couch in front of the TV. Return to bed only when sleepiness appears. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary during the night.         

4. If you have a separate bedroom, use it only for sleep, sex and in case of illness. You should n’t read, much less work, in bed. Space for a laptop – a desk, not a bed!       

5. It is better not to sleep during the day . If you do go to bed during the day, do it regularly and at the same time. Sleep no longer than an hour . For most people, the most appropriate nap time is around 3:00 pm.     

6. Sign a relaxing ritual before going to bed, for example, a warm bath or reading ten minutes.   

7. Maintain regular physical activity, but not just before bed. Intense loads are appropriate six hours before bedtime, light exercises four. But taking a walk in the fresh air before bedtime will not hurt.        

8. Maintain a regular daily routine . The body’s internal clock adjusts itself if meals, walks, and daily activities occur at the same time.  

9. A light snack before bedtime (fruit, a glass of kefir or yogurt) will help you fall asleep, but it is better to eat the main dinner at least four hours before going to bed.    

10. Don’t drink coffee six hours before bed.  

11. Do not drink alcohol if you feel sleepy. Even a small dose can have unexpected effects when combined with fatigue. You will either fall asleep out of bed, or you will not be able to sleep at all .       

12. If you have not already quit smoking, do not smoke before bed and at night.   

13. Try to do without sleeping pills and in no case abuse them. Most doctors do not prescribe sleeping pills for more than three weeks.       

14. No Do not drink alcohol while taking sleeping pills and other medications.   

15. If you suffer from regular sleep problems that do not disappear after three to four weeks after they appear, be sure to see your doctor.    

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